A quick guide to student rankings

13 December 2018

For Year 11 and 12 students, rank is a familiar term. Our quick guide provides simple explanations of the types of student ranks you’re likely to come across.

5 facts about scaling

12 December 2018

Scaling is an important – but often misunderstood – component of your ATAR calculation. Here are five facts to help you understand why, what and how we scale.

Work hard, aim high, find your path

07 December 2018

If you’re sitting at home waiting for your Year 12 results to come, don’t. That’s the advice of William Marshall, who was in exactly the same position this time last year.

Are you ATAR ready?

06 December 2018

To access your ATAR you'll need your Year 12 student number (or UAC application number) and your UAC PIN to log in. Can't find them? Here's what to do.

UMAT replaced by UCAT in 2019

05 December 2018

In 2019, UMAT, the Undergraduate Medicine and Health Sciences Admissions Test will be replaced by UCAT, The University Clinical Aptitude Test. 

Course Compass is live!

12 November 2018

Finished Year 12 and still deciding which uni course to apply for? Discover a new way to refine your study options.

Year 12 student balances farm chores with HSC study

10 October 2018

The state-wide drought is having a ripple effect on the wider community, including our Year 12 students. If you’ve been negatively affected by drought for a period of at least 6 months in Year 11 and/or 12, Educational Access Schemes can help you receive an offer to university.

Year 12 checklist for applying through UAC

17 September 2018

With early bird closing just around the corner, now’s the time to apply for uni. To help you along we’ve compiled a list of seven things you need to know when applying through UAC.

Be an early bird for semester 1, 2019!

07 September 2018

Submit your application for uni in semester 1, 2019 before the early bird round closes and you’ll be starting your path to tertiary study on the right foot.

New restrictions on changing preferences

06 September 2018

To avoid applicant confusion, this year applicants are unable to change their preferences at all between the deadline for changing preferences and the day offers are released. 

UAC PIN reminder for Year 12 students

06 September 2018

All 2018 NSW HSC and ACT Year 12 applicants had their UAC PIN emailed to them in early August. For students who have not yet applied through UAC, we'll be send a PIN reminder email on Monday 24 September.

​UAC ATAR Enquiry Centre 2019

06 September 2018

ATARs will be released on Friday 14 December. UAC is once again operating its ATAR Enquiry Centre for students who have queries about the calculation of their ATAR.

Feedback from careers advisers on usability of the UAC resources

06 September 2018

UAC is always looking to improve the way it delivers information to schools and students. We have developed a short survey about the usability of the UAC Guide, UAC scholarship and entry scheme publications, the UAC website and the My UAC app. 

​Admissions opening early in 2019

06 September 2018

Applications for admission to tertiary study in 2020 will open in April 2019 to accommodate university trimesters and early entry schemes.

Help for students affected by drought

06 September 2018

For students who are affected by drought, there is help available through UAC. Educational Access Schemes enable them to apply and claim for disadvantages such as: excessive family responsibilities, severe family disruption and financial hardship.

Admissions transparency

06 September 2018

Course information in the UAC Guide 2018-19 and on our website and app is in line with Australian Government admissions transparency requirements.

Early offers: how does SRS work?

29 August 2018

Imagine waiting for your HSC results with the added confidence that you already have a place at university. Through Schools Recommendation Schemes (SRS), you can receive an offer a month before ATARs are released.

Apply now for uni in 2019

01 August 2018

CALLING all prospective uni students. Applications for next year are now open through the Universities Admissions Centre (UAC). 

​New HSC course - investigating science

27 July 2018

Investigating Science provides students with the opportunity to develop an understanding of the ethical, social, economic and political influences on science and scientific research in the modern world. 

EAS is now online

27 July 2018

For the first time this year, EAS applications are going online and will become part of a student’s UAC application. Once students have submitted their undergraduate application, they’ll have the option to immediately access the EAS application.

New course recommendation service

27 July 2018

We’re currently working on a service for Year 12 students to help them choose their preferences, based on the subjects they’re studying for the HSC and the offers received by previous students with the same pattern of study.

Expert report on retention

26 July 2018

Student retention is a hot topic in Australia’s higher education sector, and an issue for concern for universities across the country.

For Year 10 students, the future is now

19 July 2018

As Year 10 students make decisions about which courses they will study for the HSC, we asked two students about their plans for study in Years 11 and 12, and beyond.

UAC Guide: the wait is almost over

04 July 2018

The Guide contains descriptions of over 2,000 courses at UAC’s 26 participating institutions, plus plenty of useful information about the ins and outs of applying through UAC.

Are you an international student?

04 July 2018

The UAC International 2018–19 booklet is for international students applying through UAC. The booklet lists more than 1,500 international fee-paying courses at UAC’s 26 participating institutions and contains information to help international students apply for university.

Get into uni early with SRS

04 July 2018

Schools Recommendation Schemes (SRS) are one way institutions make early offers of undergraduate admission to Australian Year 12 students, using criteria other than (or in addition to) ATARs.

Help for difficult circumstances

04 July 2018

Educational Access Schemes help students who have experienced long-term educational disadvantage gain admission to tertiary study.

Apply for a scholarship

04 July 2018

Equity Scholarships assist financially disadvantaged students with the costs associated with higher education. Students apply online for an Equity Scholarship through UAC.

Help name the National Higher Education Admissions Information Platform

30 May 2018

UAC is working with other tertiary admissions centres to develop a national higher education admissions information platform. As a result, we'll be launching a new website to deliver comprehensive and comparable information about all higher education courses across Australia. Can you help us name it?

How to get into medicine

29 May 2018

It's not all about your ATAR! Medical students require a variety of qualities and skills, and the selection process reflects this. The first step to getting into an undergraduate degree is to sit the Undergraduate Medicine and Health Sciences Admission Test (UMAT) – it's only offered once a year and you need to register now. 

HSC and ATAR: What's the difference?

06 April 2018

Confused about the difference between HSC marks and the ATAR? You're not alone. The relationship between these two very different measures of achievement is often misunderstood and the myths about them are persistent. But don't stress: here's a simple explanation to help you out.

Essential information for Year 11 students

21 March 2018

Now that you're well and truly into your HSC preliminary courses, you might be wondering if your results from this year will impact on your ATAR and your chances of getting into uni. This handy guide for Year 11 students provides some advice on dropping courses, accelerated courses, Year 11 results and things to consider before you get to Year 12.