Top tips for starting university

19 Feb 2024

The paperwork is done: you’ve accepted your uni offer and enrolled. But what can you expect when you actually arrive on campus? We asked current students for their top tips for starting university.

10 most popular uni courses in 2024

08 Feb 2024

As last year's Year 12 students head to university for the first time, here's a list of the their top 10 most popular courses in 2024.

Year 12 offers are out: what to do next

11 Jan 2024

Thousands of hopeful university applicants have now received an offer for study in 2024. If you're one of them, or if you have missed out so far, find out what to do next.

Year 12 offers are almost here!

20 Dec 2023

The first round of ATAR-based offers will be released on 21 December. Here's a guide to what to do next, no matter what happens.

Diversity of roles within a teaching career

04 Dec 2023

Primary teaching graduate Shannon Brehony shares the variety of roles she's enjoyed both in and out of the classroom and why she's passionate about working in education.

​UAC ATAR Enquiry Centre

01 Dec 2023

ATARs will be released to NSW HSC students at 9am on Thursday 14 December 2023. UAC is operating its ATAR Enquiry Centre for students who have queries about the calculation of their ATAR.

X-ray vision: a radiographer's superpower

29 Nov 2023

Medical Radiation Science graduate Maddison Cowan describes the critical role medical imaging plays in diagnosing health conditions and the significant difference this can make to people's lives.

Postgraduate early bird application fee ends soon

16 Oct 2023

The early bird fee for postgraduate applications ends at 11.59pm on 31 October 2023. Invest in postgraduate study now to consolidate your career, prepare for a career change or simply follow your passion.

Keep calm and study on

11 Oct 2023

Getting ready for Year 12 exams? Here are some tips to help you prepare, stay motivated and keep things in perspective.

Pathways to your dream degree

01 Sep 2023

Worried that you won’t meet the ATAR requirements for your dream degree? Most institutions offer pathway options for applicants who don't meet the standard entry criteria for their courses.

How to transfer to a different degree

29 Aug 2023

Many students enrol in a course with a plan to transfer into another course after completing a year’s study. Other students start a degree only to find it’s not quite right for them. Whatever your reason for wanting to transfer to another course, how do you do it?

ATAR myths busted

07 Aug 2023

UAC’s Dr Helen Tam is responsible for every student's ATAR. As part of the Sydney Morning Herald HSC Study Guide 2023, she busts the top 5 myths about the ATAR.

Experience counts when it comes to uni entry

26 Jul 2023

Did you know that over a third of Australian students starting university are more than 24 years old? And tens of thousands are over 40? Read our top three tips on how to join them.

Passion with purpose

25 Jul 2023

A passion for studying a course with strong real-world applications led Antonio Abdennour to choose his course at uni this year. A sentiment shared by 83 per cent of respondents according to UAC's Student Lifestyle Report 2023.

Finding a passion for nursing

07 Jul 2023

Sarah Loft shares how she found her way to a nursing degree 10 years after school, and why it has exceeded her expectations.

Career mapping: where to after school?

05 Jul 2023

Careers expert Phillip Williamson provides practical advice to help you reflect on your interests, skills and goals and find your career direction.

Curious about a campus?

30 Jun 2023

UAC Maptivate is an interactive map that allows you to explore university options across Australia and find a campus that suits your interests and goals.

UAC at Western Sydney Careers Expo this week

21 Jun 2023

Head out to Sydney Olympic Park for advice and inspiration on studying for the HSC, planning your career, going to uni or starting an apprenticeship. UAC will be there to help you out.

Year 12 students: early offers explained

07 Jun 2023

If you’re in Year 12 and planning to go to uni next year, there are plenty of opportunities to lock in an early offer before you get your ATAR. Make sure you're across how to apply, when offers will be made, and why it's important to keep concentrating on your studies.

HSC and careers expos coming up

29 May 2023

Head out to Randwick or Sydney Olympic Park for advice and inspiration on studying for the HSC, planning your career, going to uni or starting an apprenticeship. UAC will be there to help you out.

Design your own future

09 May 2023

Design and innovation graduate Emily Choi discusses the challenges and joys of forging her own path.

3 schemes to help you get to university

09 May 2023

UAC runs three schemes to help you get into, and pay for, university: the Educational Access Scheme, Equity Scholarships and the Schools Recommendation Scheme.

Year 12 roadmap: from school to uni

04 Apr 2023

Thinking of further study once you’ve finished school but not sure where (or when) to get started? This roadmap will help you plan your journey with key application, scholarship and early offer dates, plus a guide to handy info sessions and uni open days.

Free 2022 ATAR download: time's running out

06 Mar 2023

Did you get an ATAR in December? Download your free digital ATAR Advice Notice now – access ends at midnight on 12 March. Or save your ATAR credential to your CredFolio digital wallet.

Welcome to UAC, class of 2023!

27 Feb 2023

If you’re in Year 12 and thinking of applying for uni in 2024, here are a few things you can do to help make your uni application process smoother – before the year gets too hectic.

Changing course: a clear vision for farming's future

17 Nov 2022

Business owner Dayna Scapin transferred to a Bachelor of Science (Regenerative Agriculture) when she realised her engineering degree wasn't right for her. She discusses the importance of taking your time to find the right path.

5 steps to managing HSC stress

05 Sep 2022

Stress and anxiety are incredibly common for students studying their HSC. While we need a certain level of stress to motivate us and help us achieve our goals, it’s important to know how to manage it and seek support when things become overwhelming.

UNSW course changes for 2023

10 Aug 2022

UNSW Sydney has made changes to some of its courses for 2023. We've put together a table that sets out the affected courses.

Top 10 Insta questions answered

13 Jul 2022

You asked for it, we answered! Here are the top 10 questions that have slid into our DMs recently about offers, deferring, preferences and much more.

The rewards of teaching

07 Jun 2022

Education graduate Cassandra Christensen discusses the opportunities and challenges of a career in teaching.

Student report card is in

25 May 2022

Passion for their subject matter is the primary driver of university course selection for students according to a new report from the Universities Admissions Centre (UAC).

Arts degrees: tips from a careers adviser

09 May 2022

Are you thinking of studying arts? High school careers adviser Kate Poppett shares some advice on the exciting opportunities and potential pitfalls of an arts degree.

Why I chose to study arts

09 May 2022

Akala Newman shares why she studied a Bachelor of Arts and how she found her way to a busy and fulfilling career in the arts industry.

Uni applications are open

12 Apr 2022

Applications for uni in 2023 are now open. If you're a domestic applicant, you can apply for undergraduate study as well as the Schools Recommendation Scheme, Educational Access Scheme and Equity Scholarships. International applicants can apply from 26 April 2022.

Essential info sessions for Year 12 students

16 Mar 2022

Thinking of applying for uni in 2023? Don't miss these upcoming online sessions on how to apply, what participating universities have to offer, and popular fields of study.

Refocus with postgraduate study

22 Oct 2021

If you’re questioning your work and priorities after two years of disruption, postgraduate study could be just what you need to refocus. There are over 800 courses to explore and the possibilities are endless.

Survival tips for the HSC

14 Jul 2021

UAC Digital is bringing together a panel of experts to chat about mental health and the HSC. Understand what healthy stress is, implement strategies to manage your mental health leading up to, and during, the exams, and know what to do if you’re facing more serious mental health challenges.

Year 10 – a year of decisions

18 Jun 2021

In Year 10 and thinking about your future? Steps to Uni for Year 10 Students is your guide to making the best decisions for Years 11 and 12, and beyond.

Can I afford university?

10 May 2021

How much it will cost you to go to university? Find out more about loan schemes, income support and scholarships.

UAC accredited for best-practice data handling

22 Apr 2021

The Universities Admissions Centre (UAC) has been accredited to ISO (International Standards Organisation) 27001, an internationally accepted standard of information security practices.

Uni top of the list for young Australians

24 Mar 2021

If you’re thinking of going to uni, you’re not alone. By the time semester 1 applications closed for 2021, UAC had processed more than 81,600 undergraduate applications.

Do you want to study at university in 2022?

16 Mar 2021

UAC's General Manager of Marketing and Engagement, Kim Paino, will go live on Facebook and Instagram on Wednesday, 31 March, to give you key dates and insights about applying.

8 simple steps to uni

20 Aug 2020

Feeling confused or overwhelmed about what you need to do to get into uni next year? Follow these 8 steps and you'll be on your way.

Planning to go to uni in 2021?

04 Aug 2020

We've just published the details for hundreds of new semester 1, 2021 courses. So if you're planning to go to uni next year, now is the time to take action: get your application in today.

Thinking about further study?

01 Jul 2020

Whether you're a post-school applicant or ready for postgraduate study, your life experience matters! UAC can help you pursue your ambitions.

Lighten your mental load

09 Jun 2020

If you’re a Year 12 student looking for news, information, guidance and study advice then there’s a new program to help.

A quick guide to student rankings

13 Dec 2018

For Year 11 and 12 students, rank is a familiar term. Our quick guide provides simple explanations of the types of student ranks you’re likely to come across.

5 facts about scaling

12 Dec 2018

Scaling is an important – but often misunderstood – component of your ATAR calculation. Here are five facts to help you understand why, what and how we scale.

Admissions transparency

06 Sep 2018

Course information in the UAC Guide 2018-19 and on our website and app is in line with Australian Government admissions transparency requirements.

HSC and ATAR: What's the difference?

06 Apr 2018

Confused about the difference between HSC marks and the ATAR? You're not alone. The relationship between these two very different measures of achievement is often misunderstood and the myths about them are persistent. But don't stress: here's a simple explanation to help you out.

Year 11 essentials

21 Mar 2018

Now that you're well and truly into your HSC preliminary courses, you might be wondering if your results from this year will impact on your ATAR and your chances of getting into uni. This handy guide for Year 11 students provides some advice on dropping courses, accelerated courses, Year 11 results and things to consider before you get to Year 12.