Admissions transparency

06 Sep 2018

Course information in the UAC Guide 2018-19 and on our website and app is in line with Australian Government admissions transparency requirements.

Note that some aspects of the implementation are being handled differently at individual institutions, with the result that some of the information on institution websites may differ from UAC's information.

Not surprisingly, we have had feedback from schools concerned about the confusion this will cause for students.

Be assured that UAC has complied with the national admissions transparency implementation plan and that the UAC information and the institution information are both correct. It is important that students use ATAR profile data as a guide only, and contact the relevant institution if they are unsure about including a course among their preferences.

In addition to the course information available through UAC, prospective students will soon have access to a national tertiary course information platform. The Commonwealth Department of Education and Training has been working with UAC and the other admissions centres to gather course details for every undergraduate higher education course across Australia in a single website, which is due to launch soon.