Automated recognition of prior learning

Our research has shown that it can take a higher education provider up to 60 days to process an application for credit, and the estimated annual cost to the sector is $36.5 million.

Our academic course credit management system – Advance – eradicates administrative bottlenecks and accelerates application turnaround. Streamlined and automated processes, application triaging and integrated workflow management simplify the assessment cycle, giving your institution greater confidence to set and achieve higher service and performance benchmarks.

Advance: credit management platform and services solution

Advance is a tailored credit management system configurable to your institution requirements, enabling a fair, transparent and efficient process for evaluating recognition of prior learning (RPL). Offered as software as a service (SaaS), the Advance solution includes a provider-branded credit application portal, an applicant-facing credit calculator, a comprehensive, automated credit management system and reporting dashboards.

Advance’s smart technology enables you to shift focus and resources from transactional credit processes to strategic planning and management. As a rich data source, it will fill key business intelligence gaps and inform your recruitment, retention and curriculum design decisions.

Key elements of UAC’s credit management solution include:

  • data connectivity, which enables credit application data to flow seamlessly between the application portal, Advance, and requisite downstream integrations via REST APIs
  • configurable rules and user engines designed to work flexibly with your business rules and governance requirements
  • single-source-of-truth precedents (recalling previous assessment outcomes) and articulations (credit rules from your own agreements) database to support automated assessment, internal decision-making and the Advance applicant credit calculator on your website
  • verification of tertiary source qualifications from Australian universities through integration with the Automated Results Transfer System (ARTS)
  • application dashboards showing performance statistics and other metrics and providing the ability to track the status of all incomplete applications
  • email notifications to applicants and staff as and when different actions are required from them, including alarms when incomplete applications are approaching service level agreement boundaries
  • proprietary artificial intelligence to power significant reduction in manual assessment requirements
  • suite of staff management tools for allocation of tasks, reassigning applications and full workload management
  • full audit logs of every action taken in Advance.

Benefits of Advance for your institution

  • Automated application of articulations and precedents to automate assessment, reducing the overall time to completion for RPL outcomes and leading to higher conversion and enrolment rates.
  • Streamlined, user-friendly student applications, resulting in improved service delivery and positive student experiences.
  • AI-powered smart subject-matching recommendations, allowing subject matter experts to funnel their efforts towards high-value tasks.
  • Customised workflow configuration to support your cross-team collaboration and optimise productivity.
  • Purposeful business intelligence and reporting to drive your strategic recruitment operations.