Next Generation credentials you can trust

CredNet – Next generation credentials you can trust

CredNet is an innovative platform that uses cryptographically secured technology to issue verified credentials.

Lifelong learning is a critical component of the contemporary workforce. It requires a credential infrastructure that can keep pace with user needs and expectations.

UAC's CredNet platform delivers an industry-leading credentialing experience that supports lifelong learners and provides assurance to those faced with the challenge of credential verification. Its key aims are to:

  • empower individuals to take control of their digital credentials
  • provide a seamless and secure interface for the exchange of verifiable credentials between parties
  • accommodate microcredentials and the recognition of non-formal learning
  • support a unified credential ecosystem in a way that best serves the interests of learners, the education sector, government and the workforce community.

CredNet enables learners to:

  • store all lifelong learning records in one digital portfolio
  • easily track expired credentials
  • create and effortlessly share verifiable presentations, CVs and portfolios via a unique link.

CredNet enables issuers to:

  • issue and revoke credential records using APIs or manual processes
  • define credential types using their framework of choice
  • embed any data in the credential records (eg learning outcomes)
  • accommodate the evolution of standards and frameworks without it impacting existing credential records.

CredNet enables the sector and verifiers to:

  • instantly share and verify credential records
  • automate processes with machine-readable credentials
  • improve conversion rates due to process efficiencies and faster turnarounds
  • benefit from significant cost savings as a result of interoperability.

CredNet comprises two key components: CredLink and CredFolio.

CredLink: a self-service portal for credential issuers

CredLink is a platform for issuers to create, manage and verify credentials.

Key features of CredLink

  • Multiple users from an organisation can be set up with different access rights.
  • Issuers can define credential types for their organisation using base credential standards.
  • Versioning is applied for all credential types and is linked to the issued credential.
  • Credentials can be issued or revoked individually or in batches by uploading CSV data or through API integration.
  • Issuers can set up credential presentation templates in HTML format for each credential type.

    CredFolio: a digital wallet for learners

    UAC has used distributed ledger technology to issue ATARs since 2017. In 2022, we expanded this capability further by delivering the ATAR as a verifiable credential in CredFolio.

    The adoption of this technology by over 50,000 annual school leavers is their first step in a lifelong learning process, whereby AQF qualifications, microcredentials, professional accreditation and digital badges can be issued, shared and verified through a transparent and trusted platform.

    This technology allows not just school leavers, but learners of all kinds, to have instant, convenient and secure access to their verifiable credentials, which they can share with institutions, employers and other providers through their mobile device.

    Key benefits of CredFolio for learners

    Access and control claimed credentials from any device.

    Create and share verifiable credential presentations.

    Curate CVs and portfolios.

    Share credentials on LinkedIn, socials and other platforms/services.

    To discover how your organisation and your credentials holders can benefit from the CredNet platform, contact us at