Admissions solutions

Our tertiary admissions platforms

UAC offers a range of products and services to suit our clients' needs; from a total admissions solution to selected elements.

UAC recognises that the higher education landscape is more dynamic than ever and institutions are actively seeking alternative student recruitment strategies to meet their organisational goals.

To service the needs of this evolving market, UAC is leveraging its proven technology and knowledge base to deliver tailored solutions.

What we offer

UAC centralised admissions

A comprehensive, cost-effective and centralised admissions service underpinned by unrivalled assessment expertise.

Bespoke admissions

A bespoke admissions solution that provides full coverage of the admissions process, from application to offer generation.

Advance: academic credit management

A tertiary education credit management solution with the power to transform your business bottom line.


An industry-leading verifiable credentials platform that supports learners, the education sector, government and the workforce community.

Data dashboards

UAC’s data dashboards help you make informed decisions based on accurate, real-time business intelligence.

Why partner with UAC?

Industry leading

green tick icon UAC is Australia’s leading tertiary admissions centre, offering the most comprehensive range of services and processing the largest number of Australian tertiary applications. As such, we are uniquely placed to support your student recruitment strategies and help you meet your admission targets.


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We have proven systems and processes, developed and refined over 30 years of servicing the domestic undergraduate market. Furthermore, we have successfully modified and expanded these systems to also cater for postgraduate and onshore international admissions.

UAC has now honed, developed and tailored these systems to service individual institution recruitment requirements.


green tick icon UAC is a tertiary sector, not-for-profit organisation specialising in admissions services. Our ability to leverage our existing suite of solutions means we can meet your needs with relatively minimal additional development and deliver cost efficiency through our current scale of operations.


green tick icon Our systems and processes have the flexibility to operate different admissions requirements for different market segments and different courses. We manage these variants on a day-to-day basis across 30+ institutions and 2,000+ courses.

Low risk

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Our direct access to results data means that we process over 90% of qualifications using data obtained from source – be it secondary or tertiary education – thereby reducing risk of fraud. Access to these results also increases our speed of application processing.

UAC has a stable and dedicated workforce that complements our system solutions. Our knowledge base gives you a leading-edge but low-risk solution.