Your safety and wellbeing

Your safety and wellbeing

If there's an immediate risk of harm to yourself or others, call 000.

Your safety and wellbeing are priorities at all Australian higher education providers. Most offer a range of confidential and free support services, including counselling. Search their websites for details.

24/7 counselling and support

The following services provide free phone and online support whenever you need it:

Reporting sexual assault

We know from national survey data that sexual violence and harassment exist at worrying levels in higher education. In response, many providers have improved how they prevent, respond to and report sexual assault and harassment.

If you experience concerning, threatening or inappropriate behaviour, your higher education provider can provide security, support and advice on your reporting options.

Sexual assault is a serious crime. You have the choice to report sexual assault or not. If you choose to report sexual assault, this can be done through your local police service.

NSW Police Force sexual assault services

Police contacts for sexual assault across Australia

You are also encouraged to use one of the many sexual assault support services.

Sexual consent resources

Sexual consent is vital to healthy, positive relationships. The NSW Government’s Make No Doubt campaign explains what consent is, how to check consent, NSW consent laws and relevant support services for sexual violence. The key message is to check consent, every time.

At the time of writing, consent laws differ across Australian states and territories. The Australian Parliament has recently undertaken a Senate inquiry into current and proposed sexual consent laws in Australia.