How to apply for uni

Providing documents to support your application

If you need to provide supporting documents, you will be prompted to do so in your application. The required documents will also be listed in your Confirmation of Application, which you can download when you complete your application.

If you’re a Year 12 student it is unlikely that you’ll need to provide documents to support your application for study, since UAC automatically receives your Year 12 results.

How to upload your documents

All documents must be uploaded as PDFs through your application.

Documents UAC can obtain for you

In most cases UAC can obtain your results from study at the following institutions, so there is no need to upload them to your application:

  • Australian Year 12 assessment authorities
  • Australian universities
  • TAFE NSW from 2008

Most institutions won’t release your academic record if you have outstanding debts (eg uni library fine), and this may prevent you from receiving an offer. UAC can't assess qualifications using transcripts supplied by you if non-release status has been advised by an institution.

Documents you may need to provide

You may be required to provide documentary evidence of your qualifications, academic results, employment experience or change of name.

Depending on the course preferences you choose, you may also need to upload course-specific documents, such as a personal statement, CV, questionnaire or portfolio. To upload course-specific documents, go to the course preferences section. Any required documents will be listed under 'Course-specific requirements'. Select 'Upload' and follow the prompts to upload your PDF file.

To upload documents related to your qualifications, go to the qualifications section. Select 'Upload' for each document you are required to upload and follow the prompts to upload your PDF file.

If applicable, you'll need to supply documentary evidence (including proof of completion) of the following:

  • TAFE studies outside NSW and the ACT
  • enrolled nursing, secretarial or trade studies before 1994
  • Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) courses delivered by private providers (Documentation must indicate AQF accreditation: eg AQF logo / Nationally Recognised Training logo. Your qualification will not be assessed without proof of accreditation.)
  • overseas secondary or tertiary studies
  • professional and paraprofessional qualifications
  • a current Australian nurse’s registration
  • employment experience (more information below).

To upload documents related to your qualifications, go to the qualifications section. Select 'Upload' for each document you are required to upload and follow the prompts to upload your PDF file.

If UAC cannot obtain your results directly from an institution, you'll need to provide an official academic transcript. The transcript must show:

  • the title of the course undertaken
  • all subjects taken
  • grades obtained (including failures)
  • stage reached or qualification gained
  • proof of course completion (where course is complete)
  • a copy of the grading scale where available.

A collection of examination result slips is not acceptable. Apply for your transcript/s early – some institutions may need time to supply official transcripts.

If you have completed the course, the transcript you provide must state the award you gained. If the transcript does not state that you have successfully completed the course, you must provide additional information; for example, a copy of your certificate or diploma.

Results for recent or upcoming exams

You may not be able to provide all documentation with your application because you're about to sit an exam or you haven't received your results yet. If this is the case, provide UAC with a copy of your transcript as soon as you receive it.

To upload documents related to your qualifications, go to the qualifications section. Select 'Upload' for each document you are required to upload and follow the prompts to upload your PDF file.

You must supply a copy of your official transcript of records, as well as an award certificate if the qualification is complete.

UAC is not authorised to assess Diploma Supplements in lieu of the official transcript of records because Diploma Supplements may only provide passing grades you have achieved and exclude low or failing grades that also need to be taken into account in assessing your application.

If your official documents for your overseas study are not in English, you must also supply copies of the following documents:

  • the original language transcript of records showing subjects and results
  • the original language award certificate (if a qualification has been completed)
  • an English translation of these documents (read below for organisations who can translate your documents)
  • a copy of the grading scale if available.

Your documents must be translated by one of the following:

  • Multicultural NSW or its interstate equivalent.
  • a translator accredited by the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI). The translator must be accredited as at least a ‘professional translator’ (previously known as 'Level 3'). Translated documents must display the official NAATI stamp provided to qualified translators; the stamp shows the level of accreditation and the direction in which they are accredited to translate.
  • the Ministry/Department of Foreign Affairs or a local court or government agency that offers a translation service in the applicant’s home country. The translated document must display the organisation’s name and official seal, and the translator’s name and contact details.
  • a sworn translator approved by the Australian diplomatic missions in Belgium, France, Indonesia, Switzerland or Thailand.

Translations by any other sources, including overseas notaries, will not be accepted.

Studies at UK institutions of higher education

A Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) may be presented in support of tertiary studies undertaken in the UK.

Studies at Chinese institutions of higher education

UAC may specifically request some applicants to submit a Credentials Report from China Academic Degrees and Graduate Education Development Center (CDGDC). A Credentials Report, which is used to verify studies, includes the following:

  • background information about the Certificate/Diploma holder
  • legality of the degree or Certificate issuers
  • authenticity of the documents.

The report is provided by the CDGDC for a fee.

To upload documents related to your qualifications, go to the qualifications section. Select 'Upload' for each document you are required to upload and follow the prompts to upload your PDF file.

Some institutions will take employment experience into consideration when assessing your application. (However, this does not usually apply to Year 12 students.) Only paid employment of one year or more will be considered. This includes continuous employment with one employer, or periods undertaking the same job with different employers. Unpaid and voluntary work experience will not be considered.

You must supply a statement of service on the employer’s official stationery stating:

  • job title
  • period served, including start and end dates, and hours worked – such as full-time or part-time (eg 20 hours per week)
  • major tasks required in the job.

Personal references that do not state these items cannot be assessed. Group certificates, offers of employment, payslips and CVs will not be accepted.

If you are self-employed, you must supply a copy of your business certificate of registration and a letter from your accountant or solicitor, on their official stationery, stating:

  • how long you have been continuously engaged in the business
  • the nature of the business.

To upload documents related to a change of name, go to the personal documents section. Select a document type and follow the prompts to upload your PDF file.

If you have studied under a previous name, you must supply documentary evidence to prove your change of name, such as a marriage certificate, deed poll registration or other registration with the appropriate Registry of Births, Deaths & Marriages. The documentation must show your previous name/s and your current name/s. Without this documentation, your application may be delayed.

If you do not have documentary evidence of your name change, we require a statutory declaration that details your previous name and your current name.

PDFs that relate to an application made within the last seven years can be transferred to a new application, or returned to you, for a fee.

Request the transfer or return of documents submitted to UAC