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Wed 19 Jun 2024 | 6pm

If you’ve had a break from study since school, our webinar will set you on the right path to uni. We'll cover flexible study options, recognition of prior learning, the UAC uni application, support services, and balancing life, work and study commitments.

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    Schools Recommendation Scheme: Unlock Early University Offers Before ATARs are Released | 24 Jul 2024 | 6pm

    Learn about this popular early offer scheme for Year 12 students available exclusively through UAC.

    Making the Leap: Navigating Uni Entry in 2025 for Students Returning to Study | 5 Aug 2024 | 6pm

    Did you follow a non-traditional Year 12 pathway and now want to pursue tertiary study? This is your chance to learn about the latest updates and insights on university admission processes, and how you can prepare yourself for a successful application to study in 2025.

    Year 12 to Uni: Upcoming Deadlines and Application Strategies for Success | 11 Sep 2024 | 6pm

    Join us to learn the essential tips, tricks and critical deadlines for your UAC application for uni entry in 2025.

    From Obstacles to Opportunities: How the Educational Access Scheme Can Help You Enter Uni | 16 Oct 2024 | 6pm

    Discover how the Educational Access Scheme (EAS) can potentially increase your selection rank and improve your chances of getting into your desired course. Learn about the specific circumstances/educational challenges you can claim and the supporting documents you'll need to provide. This session will guide you through every application step and deadline.

    Your Ultimate Guide to Boosting your UAC University Application and Taking Advantage of Early Offers | 30 Oct 2024 | 6pm

    Unlock the secrets of the university application process as we take a detailed look into UAC preferences and offers. Learn how adjustment factors can boost your selection rank, discover strategies for your preference list, and get up to speed on managing different types of offers (including early offers through the Schools Recommendation Scheme (SRS)).

    Unlocking Opportunities: Pathways to Uni | 13 Nov 2024 | 6pm

    This webinar charts the many pathways to a university degree. Explore pathway courses such as foundation programs, diplomas and certificates, and the potential to fast-track into the second year of a degree. Learn about the credits and articulation agreements that make these options a seamless bridge to higher education.

    Whether you're exploring different interests or you've faced setbacks in meeting degree entry requirements, this session offers guidance and practical advice on paving your way to success.

      How to Review Your UAC Application Following Your ATAR Result | 17 Dec 2024 | 6pm

      Demystify the impact of your ATAR on your uni application. Whether you're fine-tuning your course preferences or contemplating your next steps if you receive an offer, this session is your roadmap to success.

      This session will equip you with the knowledge to:

      • make the most of adjustment factors and their potential to boost your selection rank
      • know when to change your course preferences
      • receive and manage multiple offers
      • defer your studies if you wish to take a gap year.

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