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Steps to uni for Year 10 students

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In Year 10 you will select the courses that you will study for the next two years. This is an exciting time with many choices available. The following guidelines will help you make the best possible decisions.

1. Identify your end goal

Set aside some time to imagine what you would like to do after you finish school, whether you plan to work or study. To study at university, you must select courses in Years 11 and 12 that will make you eligible for an ATAR. Even if you’re not sure whether tertiary study is for you, selecting ATAR courses will allow you the flexibility to change your mind down the track.

ATAR eligibility

2. Consider your abilities and interests

Choosing courses you enjoy and perform well in will give you the best chance of achieving a high ATAR and gaining access to university. Avoid choosing a course simply because it scales well. If you don’t get good marks, scaling won’t make much difference.

3. Explore career opportunities

It is important to select the degree you need to get the job you want. Career expos and university open days are an invaluable source of information on career choices, as is speaking to family, friends, teachers and careers advisers. Consider doing work experience in your area of interest so you can better assess whether a certain career path is a good match for you. If you’re not sure about the career path you want to follow, choose subjects that will keep several options open for you.

4. Research study options

The courses you choose in Years 11 and 12 should reflect the degree you want to study at university. UAC’s Steps to Uni for Year 10 Students lists the prerequisites, recommended studies and/or assumed knowledge necessary for entry to different degrees. This publication is distributed to all schools in NSW and is also available for free as a download.

Use the UAC course search to browse courses that interest you and read course descriptions. Attend Year 10 information evenings held by universities and find out which HSC courses will prepare you for the university degrees that interest you. Remember, when selecting HSC courses, it’s more important to consider your end goal, abilities and interests, than to think about how subjects will be scaled.