Year 12 students: how to apply through UAC

21 Jun 2023

If you’re in Year 12 this year and applying to uni through UAC, here’s a step-by-step guide to the application process.

Before you apply

Research available courses

There are over 2,000 courses available for 2024 admissions via UAC. You can read descriptions of these courses in the UAC course search: check the admission requirements and ATAR information. Once you’ve found your favourite courses, research pathways and alternatives so that you have a back-up plan. Take note of important dates in the application process.

Get your USI

Your Unique Student Identifier is your government-issued student reference number that you will keep with you for life. You need it to enrol at an institution and receive Commonwealth financial assistance, including HECS-HELP and FEE-HELP. You may already have one if you’ve undertaken vocational education or training. Apply for a USI or check if you already have one.

Applying through UAC

Even if you’re not sure what you want to study, apply now and change your preferences later (all courses will be available for selection by mid-August). We recommend you apply before 11.59pm on 29 September 2023 to avoid a significant increase in the processing charge.

Watch our short video guide for Year 12 students or follow the below steps to complete your application.

Steps to completing your application

  1. Go to the undergraduate application on the UAC website and click the Start here button.
  2. Select your citizenship.
  3. Select which Year 12 qualification you are undertaking this year. If you are an interstate applicant located in Queensland, please apply after 1 August 2023, when we'll have access to your student ID details.
  4. If you’re a 2023 Year 12 student, enter your Year 12 student number (issued through your school) and UAC PIN. (2023 NSW HSC applicants and ACT Year 12 applicants: Your UAC PIN was emailed to the address you registered with NESA on 5 April 2023. You will need to call our Customer Service team if you have misplaced your PIN – we are unable to provide this via email or Livechat. All other Year 12 applicants: Your UAC PIN is the first four digits of your date of birth – eg if your birthday is 3 October, your UAC PIN is 0310.)
  5. Enter your personal details, including:
    1. your name (the first name and last name you enter on your application must match the name on your official ID, otherwise you’ll have problems when you enrol. It is not mandatory to enter your middle name)
    2. a personal email address (don't use a school address – it will expire)
    3. your Unique Student Identifier (it is not mandatory to enter a USI in your application, but you'll need it when you enrol at uni).
  6. Your Year 12 qualification will have already been added. You have the option to add other qualifications: as a Year 12 student these usually won’t apply to you, however, if you have completed a tertiary qualification such as a Certificate III, you should enter that here. Only full-time employment of one year or more can be assessed, so don’t add any information about casual or part-time jobs.
  7. Select up to five course preferences. The first course on your list should be the course you would most like to do, followed by your second, third and so on. Save your changes to continue.
  8. Review your application and accept the applicant declaration.
  9. Pay for your application with a credit card (Mastercard or Visa) or PayPal account. 2023 Year 12 students can also pay using BPAY (in Australia only). Your application is not complete until you have paid.
  10. Check your email regularly for updates on your application.

Once you've applied, you can change the order of your preferences – or even the courses you’ve selected – as often as you like before the closing dates for each offer round. (Some courses have early application closing dates so check for these as well.) Simply log in to your application using your UAC application number and UAC PIN. You can't change your preferences by phone, letter or email.

Remember, most offers to Year 12 students are made after ATARs are released, starting from December Round 2 (21 December 2023).

Applying for access schemes and scholarships

Once you’ve submitted your undergraduate application, you can apply for UAC’s Schools Recommendation Scheme, Educational Access Scheme or Equity Scholarships.

  • The Schools Recommendation Scheme (SRS) gives you an opportunity to receive an early offer by being assessed on criteria other than, or in addition to, the ATAR. These criteria include school recommendations, senior secondary studies and your EAS application (if applicable). SRS applications close at 11.59pm on 18 September 2023. After this date, you cannot access or modify your SRS application. Be sure to check institution-specific criteria for SRS early offers as some institutions may need you to submit documents earlier than usual.
  • The Educational Access Scheme (EAS) can help you gain admission to tertiary study if you’ve experienced educational disadvantage. Apply for EAS as part of your application for uni. We recommend you apply by 11.59pm on 23 November 2023 so that you can be assessed in time for the main Year 12 offer rounds.
  • Equity Scholarships help the most financially disadvantaged students with the costs associated with higher education. We recommend you apply by 11.59pm on 8 December 2023.

Contact us

If you have any questions about your application, call our Customer Service team on +61 2 9752 0200 or use our online enquiry form.

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