Western Sydney University

Scholarships and financial assistance

Western Sydney University equity programs aim to make tertiary education accessible to all eligible students, regardless of their background.


Equity Scholarships

Western Sydney University offers a number of Equity Scholarships which are open to all eligible applicants applying to or enrolled at the University. Opportunity scholarships are awarded to students who come from one or more of the University’s defined equity or personal disadvantage groups, including people:

  • with a disability or long-term medical condition
  • of Australian Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander descent
  • experiencing financial hardship circumstances
  • from rural and isolated areas
  • from a non-English speaking background.

Western students may also be eligible to apply for a range of donor-funded Equity Scholarships.

All Western Sydney University Equity Scholarships applications are processed centrally through UAC. 

How to apply for Equity Scholarships.

Undergraduate merit scholarships

Western Sydney University offers $22 million in undergraduate scholarships every year, which includes a generous range of University and donor-funded opportunities. Through merit-based scholarships and The Academy, Western Sydney University recognises and rewards students who demonstrate outstanding academic ability and superior leadership and community skills. 

Donor-funded scholarships - many of which include internship and mentorship experiences for recipients - are also available, providing support for students based on both academic achievements and equity considerations. There are also scholarships available for specific courses. Some of the scholarships available include:

  • Vice-Chancellor’s Leadership Scholarships - $10,000/year for five years
  • Dean’s Scholarships - $5,000/year for four years
  • Academic Excellence Scholarships - $5,000/year for four years
  • Honours Scholarships - $5,000 for one year
  • Sports Scholarships - $5,000 for one year
  • International Exchange Scholarships (for semester exchange) - $1,750 one-off payment and Student Mobility Travel Grants (for short programs) - $500 one-off payment.

Applications for the Vice-Chancellor’s Leadership Scholarships close in November 2019.

For information on the range of scholarships available and to apply online, visit the WSU website.

International Student Scholarships

Western Sydney University offers a range of scholarships to support our international students. These scholarships include:

  • Vice-Chancellor’s Academic Excellence Undergraduate Scholarships - 50% of the annual course tuition fees for up to three years
  • Western Sydney International Scholarships - $5,000 one-off.

For information on the range of scholarships available, visit Western Sydney International Scholarships.

Financial assistance

Student Welfare Service

Grants, textbook vouchers and other forms of assistance are available through the Student Welfare Service. To find out more, visit the WSU website.

Youth and student allowances

For details on Australian Government financial support through Youth Allowance, Austudy and ABSTUDY, visit the Department of Human Services website.