Studying at Macleay College

Macleay College offers an intimate learning environment for students looking to pursue a career in journalism, advertising, digital media, business, accounting and marketing. Our bachelor degrees and diploma courses provide students with an alternative to a traditional university experience.

With over 30 years in higher education, we pride ourselves on our unique approach to teaching. Students learn from industry professionals in smaller classes, allowing us to cater to their individual learning needs. We emphasise the importance of positive psychology, with students developing both academic and interpersonal skills to prepare them for a successful career. 

Domestic students and international Year 12 students can apply for Macleay undergraduate courses through UAC. 

Admission criteria

The minimum qualifications you need before you can be selected for admission to a course of study.

English language proficiency

English language proficiency is an admission requirement for all tertiary courses offered through UAC.

Scholarships and schemes

Equity programs to help you access your potential.

About Macleay College

Enrolment, campus information and fees and charges.


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