Studying at JMC Academy

Celebrating over 35 years in education, JMC Academy continues to lead the way in creative industries education, offering degrees and diplomas in music, songwriting, audio engineering, film and television production, entertainment business management, digital design, 3D animation and game design. JMC Academy also offers a Master of Creative Industries for those wishing to progress onto postgraduate study.

Co-curricular projects and programs

JMC Academy’s curriculum has been developed with a focus on emerging industry trends, professional development, collaboration and networking. The programs offered at JMC Academy are unique in combining essential critical thinking with the project based work and practical experience critical to the industry. Students from all departments have the opportunity to work together on collaborative projects, providing them with a diverse opportunity in which to apply their skills. At JMC, students are also able to build and apply their knowledge abroad through study tours and exchange opportunities.

With advanced-design campuses in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, ongoing technology upgrades, a dedicated team of academics, industry mentors, and a network of international master class lecturers, JMC Academy is committed to ensuring our graduates are immersed in industry from day one.

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How to apply

Apply directly to JMC Academy. Do not apply through UAC. Call 1300 410 311 or visit the JMC Academy website for application details.

Courses offered

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tel: +61 2 8241 8899 or 1300 410 311