Australian National University

Scholarships and schemes

ANU equity programs aim to make tertiary education accessible to all eligible students, regardless of their background. 

Schools Recommendation Schemes

ANU participates in the Schools Recommendation Schemes (SRS), which allow current Australian Year 12 students to receive early offers of undergraduate admission using criteria other than (or in addition to) ATARs. SRS for ANU is processed centrally through UAC and is assessed on equity-based criteria. There are no fees to apply for SRS, but you will be required to pay a processing fee when you apply for undergraduate admission through UAC.

Applicants must be Indigenous, Pasifika or eligible for the Equity Access Schemes (EAS) disadvantage categories.

How Schools Recommendation Schemes work.

Educational Access Schemes

ANU has an Educational Access Scheme (EAS) to assist applicants whose education has been disadvantaged by circumstances beyond their control for a substantial period of time. 

To apply for EAS you must be able to demonstrate that your Year 11 and/or Year 12 studies have been negatively affected for a period of at least six months, as a result of circumstances beyond your control or choosing. You must also be:

  • a UAC applicant for undergraduate admission
  • an Australian citizen, a New Zealand citizen or a permanent resident of Australia.

How Educational Access Schemes work.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians

The Tjabal Indigenous Higher Education Centre offers a range of support services to all Indigenous Australian students, including orientation to the broad context of the University, study skills and academic advice, tutorial assistance, 24-hour computer lab access, a common room and study facilities.

To find out more, visit the ANU website.

Indigenous applicants whose qualifications do not meet minimum admission criteria may be eligible for admission through ANU pathways. 

To find out more, visit the ANU website.

Equity Scholarships

Equity Scholarships (ES) assist disadvantaged students with the general costs associated with tertiary study. ES are awarded to students from low socio-economic backgrounds, particularly those who receive Centrelink income support payments such as ABSTUDY, Austudy, Youth Allowance, Newstart Allowance, Disability Support Pension, Parenting Payment (Single) or the Carer Payment.

ANU offers a number of Equity Scholarships (ES) which are open to all eligible applicants applying to or currently enrolled at ANU.

How to apply for Equity Scholarships.

Financial assistance

ANU offers a number of undergraduate scholarships and a limited range of scholarships for graduate coursework study. For detailed information about undergraduate scholarships available at ANU, including application processes and deadlines, visit the ANU website.

For details on Youth Allowance, Austudy and ABSTUDY, visit the Australian Government's Department of Human Services website.

International Baccalaureate Early Entry Scheme

The ANU International Baccalaureate Early Entry Scheme (IBEES) offers early entry to domestic school leavers currently completing an International Baccalaureate qualification in Australia and New Zealand IB Schools. IBEES considers your predicted IB grades to assess you for entry.

To find out more, visit the ANU website.

ANU Guaranteed Entry Scheme

ANU guarantees an offer in offer rounds prior to and including January Round 1 if the applicant:

  • achieves the lowest selection rank listed for that course, including any applicable adjustment factors
  • has the course listed as the highest preference
  • satisfies any applicable prerequisites or additional selection criteria.

If you don’t achieve the guaranteed selection rank you can still apply to ANU. Subject to places, ANU may make additional offers below the guaranteed selection rank on a merit basis.

To find out more, visit the ANU website.

Mathematics and chemistry bridging courses

ANU College offers a mathematics bridging course which can be used to satisfy ANU maths prerequisites. 

To find out more, visit the ANU College website.

ANU offers a chemistry bridging course which can be used to satisfy chemistry prerequisites. This course runs after the UAC January offer rounds, so applicants may want to consider including B Science as a preference. If you meet entry requirements and successfully complete the chemistry bridging course, you can apply direct to ANU to transfer to your desired course later. 

To find out more, visit the ANU website.

Special consideration

If your previous academic performance at either secondary or tertiary level has been adversely affected by circumstances beyond your control, you may be eligible to submit a ‘Request for Special Consideration (Admission)’ form to the Domestic Admissions Manager at ANU. This is in addition to applying for admission through UAC. Applications for special consideration must be received by the change of preference closing date for January Round 1 and June Round 1 offers.

Note: To apply for special consideration you must have completed at least one year of full-time tertiary study. Applicants with no tertiary study must apply through the Educational Access Schemes administered by UAC.


ANU is an Elite Athlete Friendly University and will consider applications for special consideration from applicants who are recognised as elite athletes by the Australian Sports Commission’s AIS Personal Excellence program.

To find out more, visit the ANU website.


Current Year 12 students whose qualifications do not meet minimum admission criteria can seek admission through the Schools Recommendation Schemes (SRS). Pasifika applicants will need to submit a statement directly to ANU after they apply for SRS through UAC. 

To find out more, visit the ANU website.



ANU introduced the University Preparation Program (UPP) in 2017, which has been developed as part of the ANU Access Scheme to ensure that ANU is able to offer a strong pathway to students who may have experienced educational disadvantage. This course is offered in partnership with ANU College, the pathway provider to ANU. ANU also accepts a number of external preparation courses.


If you are over 21 years of age, have not completed tertiary study in the last two years, and do not otherwise meet the academic requirements for entry to ANU, you can apply for admission on the basis of the Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT). To be eligible for STAT assessment by ANU you must complete both the Written English and Multiple Choice tests.

For further information on the scheme, visit the ANU website