Australian college of applied psychology

Scholarships and financial assistance

ACAP's equity programs aim to make tertiary education accessible to all eligible students, regardless of their background. 


Counselling Scholarships

Through the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI), Alan Rowe, Nora Huppert and Andrew Little scholarships, the Discipline of Counselling recognises student contributions to their local communities, encourages academic achievement and supports students from diverse backgrounds in their studies.

These scholarships are awarded once per year and cover 50 per cent of the recipient's ACAP course fees. The scholarship awardee will receive each alternate unit at no cost (ie pay for one unit and receive the next for free). Direct payments are not made to scholarship recipients. 

How to apply for Discipline of Counselling Scholarships

Psychological Sciences Scholarships


Up to six Access Scholarships are available each year for students commencing the Bachelor of Psychological Sciences. Students may be eligible for both of the two different Access Scholarships, however only one can be awarded to any eligible student.


Each year there are a number of Continuation Scholarships available across the different programs in the School of Psychological Sciences.

How to apply for Discipline of Psychological Sciences Scholarships.

Financial assistance

Youth and student allowances

All ACAP diploma, associate degree, bachelor, bachelor (honours), graduate certificate and graduate diploma course programs are recognised by Centrelink as approved courses for student income support.

For details on Youth Allowance, Austudy and ABSTUDY, visit the Australian Government’s Department of Human Services website