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Admission criteria and entry schemes

Entry to our undergraduate courses is based on your previous studies and any relevant qualifications and experience. If you’re a school leaver, entry is based on your ATAR (or equivalent) and any other specific course requirements. Some courses may have additional selection criteria, such as a supplementary application form (SAF), interview, audition or portfolio. Check our courses online for specific entry requirements.

At Charles Sturt, we offer a range of admission pathways for entry to a broad range of our undergraduate courses. Explore admission pathways if you don’t quite meet the ATAR for your course or if you want an early offer. If you’re a school leaver, check out the Charles Sturt Advantage early offer program


Undergraduate applicants

Australian Year 12 students

If you’ve graduated as an Australian Year 12 student within the last two years, entry to our undergraduate courses is normally based on your ATAR (or equivalent). We’ll also consider Queensland OP equivalents of the NSW HSC and the International Baccalaureate Diploma.

Our courses don’t have prerequisite subjects. Some courses will have assumed knowledge and you can brush up on these skills by taking a free Study Link subject.

Selection rank adjustments

Equity adjustments

The Charles Sturt Educational Access Schemes (EAS) can help if you've experienced long-term educational disadvantage. EAS can also help if your educational performance has been affected by circumstances beyond their control during Year 11 and/or Year 12. A selection rank adjustment may help you meet admission requirements.

Charles Sturt University access programs

Elite athlete and performer program adjustments

As a member of the Elite Athlete Friendly University Network, we offer personalised support for elite athletes and performers. If you’re an elite athlete or performer, you can access special consideration for admission (SCA) when you apply direct to Charles Sturt. SCA aims to address educational disadvantage, considering circumstances that may have affected your ability to perform well educationally. You’ll still need to apply for your course via the standard UAC/VTAC admission process.

Charles Sturt University access programs

Regional location adjustments

If you’re from a regional area, our regional location adjustments can help you gain admission to Charles Sturt. If you’re a Year 12 student who attended school in a regional area, or a post-school applicant who lives in a regional area, you’ll automatically have your selection rank increased by five points for admission to Charles Sturt.

Subject adjustments

Your selection rank may be increased on the basis of a strong performance in subjects relevant to the course you wish to study.

Additional selection criteria

In addition to your ATAR (or equivalent), your course might have additional selection criteria. This can include a personal statement, portfolio submission, audition, interview or course consultation. These criteria are considered instead of, or in conjunction with, your academic requirements. Check the Charles Sturt course descriptions to see if additional selection criteria form part of your entry requirements.

If you’re undertaking Year 12 overseas and are applying to a course that has additional selection criteria, get in touch with Charles Sturt to discuss your options.

Other admission options

Schools Recommendation Scheme

If you’re in Year 12, you could be made an offer to study with us via the Schools Recommendation Scheme (SRS). SRS is an early offer program that looks at your academic achievements and assesses your potential to succeed at uni. While there are no fees to apply via SRS, you’ll need to pay a processing fee when you apply for undergraduate admission through UAC.

We'll take into account the following criteria when considering your application:

  • your Year 11 studies
  • your school's rating.

Early offer is not available for the following courses.

  • Bachelor of Veterinary Biology/Bachelor of Veterinary Science
  • Bachelor of Dental Science
  • Bachelor of Technology/Master of Engineering (Civil Systems)
  • Diploma of General Studies.

Learn more about SRS

Limited ATAR

We accept the Limited ATAR for selection purposes.

Charles Sturt University admission pathways

Visit the Charles Sturt University website and check the relevant course page for eligibility requirements.

Some courses have higher entry requirements, which are identified on the web page for the course.

Completed (or part-completed) enabling courses

Completed studies, such as those listed below are considered indicators that you can complete a course at the university. Note that some courses may give different weightings to these indicators:

  • a course completed or part-completed at a university, college of advanced education, or other accredited tertiary institution
  • an approved course completed or part-completed at a TAFE college or other accredited post-secondary institution, including the Certificate IV in Tertiary Preparation (TPC)
  • approved foundation studies or bridging courses
  • subjects studied through Charles Sturt or at another university.

Advanced standing

You can apply for recognition of prior learning for related previous study or professional experience. Explore your options and complete your degree in less time.

Charles Sturt University recognition of prior learning.


At Charles Sturt, we offer deferment for most courses. If you have a change of circumstance, you can postpone the start of your course for up to two years.

How to defer your Charles Sturt course.

For entry to our undergraduate courses, we'll consider an approved course completed or part-completed at a TAFE college or other accredited post-secondary institution, including the Certificate IV in Tertiary Preparation (TPC).

If you have work and life experience, we’ll consider the following when assessing your potential to succeed at university.

Employment experience

To have your employment experience assessed, you must have relevant industry experience of at least two years.

Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT)

We accept the STAT Multiple Choice test for:

  • all applicants provided that performance in the STAT is not the sole basis upon which admission is sought
  • all courses except Bachelor of Physiotherapy and Bachelor of Veterinary Biology/Bachelor of Veterinary Science.

Enabling course options

Charles Sturt University offers two dedicated courses that provide guaranteed entry to most undergraduate degrees, and in some cases, credit for up to four subjects. The Diploma of General Studies will give you entry to most undergraduate courses and a diploma qualification. We also have the Charles Sturt University Pathway course, which can provide entry into most bachelor's courses.

Charles Sturt Advantage is an early offer program that assesses your Year 11 and soft skills. These are skills like motivation, resilience and empathy – skills that may not always be reflected in your academic or exam results.

We'll consider commonly accepted overseas secondary qualifications when accessing your application. Check your qualification.

If you have overseas qualifications should contact Charles Sturt University to discuss your options.

English language proficiency

If you hold overseas secondary or tertiary qualifications from countries where English is not the standard language of instruction, you must provide evidence of English language proficiency.

Charles Sturt University's Connections First Nations Direct Entry Program is a supported personalised pathway into university that assesses skills and suitability for academic life.

Experience Matters Entry Program

This program was designed in collaboration with the Australian Student Veterans Association.

You will be eligible for most Charles Sturt undergraduate courses if you have:

  • completed your recruit training
  • completed initial employment training (or equivalent per branch of service)
  • at least two years of experience.

You may also get credit for your service.

How your experience is recognised at Charles Sturt University

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