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NSW Curriculum Review: UAC response

01 Dec 2019

There is no doubt that university admission processes are adapting to broader social changes and reflecting a community desire for the consideration of the whole student. While current processes adequately consider both the academic profile and the social and economic circumstances of the student, over time there will be further development of the assessment of soft skills and other student attributes. These changes have already reduced the reliance on the ATAR, and that will continue. Indeed, UAC is currently working with key stakeholders nationally to better support lifelong learning and improve access to education and other pathways after school.

In the meantime, rather than eliminating the ATAR, a better approach may well be for UAC, schools, universities and other stakeholders to continue to educate students and the public about the benefits of the ATAR. We can also do a better job of explaining how the university entrance system works and the role of the ATAR in that system. Universities can also continue to influence student behaviour with appropriate use of prerequisites to allow better choices for Year 12 and ultimately better matching of students to university courses.

Additionally, improvements in the status of VET, and a better understanding and appreciation of all the pathways available to students after school will also lessen the importance of the ATAR in the education landscape. We note that other recent and current reviews are addressing this issue from various perspectives.

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