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Student application data snapshot

14 Mar 2019

THOUSANDS of new uni students have embraced life as undergraduates on campuses across NSW and the ACT with the final round of semester 1 offers completed by the Universities Admissions Centre (UAC). 

UAC has processed more than 72,000 applications in preparation for the start of first semester 2019 courses. Offering courses from 28 participating institutions, UAC gives students thousands of options when it comes to choosing their courses and makes it easy to apply to multiple unis in one place.

With applications for first semester done and dusted, UAC has released a snapshot of applicant and offer data, providing an insight into the age, gender split and preferred fields of study of applicants.

For example, nearly half of all undergraduate applicants were not current Year 12 students, although three-quarters of these were aged under 24. Around 56 per cent of applicants were female and the most popular field of study for females was Health. The most popular field of study for males was Society and Culture – which includes humanities courses, law, economics and languages.

More application and offer statistics and can be viewed on UAC’s website.

Applications through UAC will open on Wednesday 3 April this year for 2020 and for courses starting later in 2019. Visit UAC’s website for more information.

For further information (media only) email or contact:
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