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EAS help students who need it most

19 Dec 2018

EDUCATIONAL Access Schemes (EAS) aim to help students who may not have had the opportunity to excel in their schooling access higher education. Many of these students have overcome significant adversity to finish their exams and complete their secondary education. All they need is some extra consideration, and that’s what EAS is all about.

More than 10,000 students have applied for EAS since August.

Contrary to claims of rorting, EAS applications go through a rigorous assessment and verification process. To be considered for EAS students must be able to demonstrate that their studies have been negatively affected for a period of at least six months as a result of circumstances beyond their control or choosing.

They must supply documentation to support their application, including factual and precise information explaining how their schooling has been disadvantaged. This information often comes from their school or a registered health professional. EAS applicants who do not provide the required documentation and verification are not eligible for consideration.

Kim Paino, General Manager of Marketing and Engagement at UAC says, ‘These Educational Access Schemes are really vital in providing a level playing field for students trying to get into university. Our staff and the staff at universities are really passionate about maintaining the integrity of these schemes so that we can help those students who most need it. Assessing the applications is often difficult, even heart-wrenching, but it’s really satisfying to know that we can help students get into uni even after everything they’ve been through.’

Applications for EAS are still open, and UAC encourages eligible students to apply – it could be just what they need to go to university and embrace life after Year 12.

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