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Don’t sweat the ATAR

15 Oct 2019

THE Higher School Certificate (HSC) exams start this week and students are focusing on doing their best in their exams – as they should.

After having spent 13 years at school, students will be keen to show that they’ve not only completed their secondary education, but also that they now possess a large body of knowledge and skills to show for it.

For students who want to go on to uni next year, they’ll also be thinking about their ATAR. The Universities Admissions Centre’s (UAC) message to them is: ‘Don’t sweat the ATAR’.

Remember that, while the ATAR is important, it’s just one summarising measure (in the form of a rank) of your overall performance in the HSC.

Kim Paino, General Manager of Marketing and Engagement at UAC says, ‘While the ATAR gets a lot of blame for lots of things people don't like about Year 12 and getting into uni, the truth is that it is an effective tool for rationing places and predicting success at uni study.’

Watch her message to year 12 students.

The ATAR gives universities a complete picture of overall academic ranking, not just in one subject but across a whole pattern of Year 12 study.

Unis have to be fair and equitable, and use public money wisely, and the ATAR actually helps them do those things.

The ATAR is simply measure of student performance and potential, and of course unis have other measures they can use instead of or in conjunction with the ATAR. These include, questionnaires, portfolios, auditions, interviews and tests.

And at the same time, if you don’t get the ATAR you need for your preferred course, there are other pathways available,’ she says.

More information about the ATAR is available on UAC’s website or students can call UAC’s customer service on 1300 275 822 (02 9752 0200 from mobiles).

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