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Changing preferences

17 Dec 2019

WHEN ATARs are released today, many HSC students will think seriously about their chances of getting into university. UAC expects about 20,000 students to change their course preferences when they receive their ATAR.


Check last year’s selection ranks in the ATAR profile table on UAC’s website, the My UAC app, or in the UAC Guide 2019–20. Remember that selection ranks include adjustment factors. The selection rank is not necessarily the ATAR you need to get an offer so don't be put off by a course that had a selection rank last year that is higher than your ATAR.

You can change your preferences until midnight on Thursday 19 December for December Round 2 offers – don’t leave changing your preferences to the last minute. To change your preferences you:

  • need your UAC application number and UAC PIN
  • can have up to five preferences including any combination of courses.
  • can rearrange the order of your courses, add new courses or delete courses as many times as you like.

You should list your preferences in the order you want them to be considered. Put the course you most want to do first, then the course you would next prefer to do, and so on. If you are not made an offer for your first preference, you will be considered for your second preference, and so on until you are made an offer or until there are no further preferences.

Make sure the courses you add don’t have early closing dates or prerequisites you cannot meet.

If your ATAR isn’t as high as you expected, think about pathways to further study. There are plenty of courses that don’t require an ATAR for entry. Talk to the institutions – most have hotlines and special advisory days.

And finally, choose courses that you really want to do.

If you have any questions about your application, contact UAC’s customer service on 1300 ASK UAC (1300 275 822), (02) 9752 0200 from mobiles, or +61 2 9752 0200 from overseas.

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