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International students

General admission requirements

As an international student completing one of the following qualifications in 2024, you will apply for admission through UAC and will generally be selected on the basis of your performance in these studies (ie your ATAR or equivalent):

  • an Australian Year 12 qualification (either in or outside of Australia)
  • an International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma in Australia
  • a New Zealand National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA) Level 3.

If you have other overseas qualifications you should apply directly to the University of Sydney, not through UAC.

Additional selection criteria

In addition to achieving the admission criteria, some courses also require you to meet additional selection criteria. The additional criteria may be the completion of a personal statement, a questionnaire, a portfolio of work, an audition, an interview or a test. The results of the additional selection criteria will be assessed in conjunction with your ATAR or equivalent.

Details of any additional selection criteria are outlined in the course descriptions.

If you are undertaking your Year 12 studies offshore and are applying to a course that has additional selection criteria that you may be unable to meet, contact the University of Sydney.


Tuition fees for international students vary between courses and the calendar years in which study for a course is undertaken.

Note that all indicative tuition fees are:

  • quoted in Australian dollars and correct at the time of publication
  • set for each course based on 48 credit points per year, or 1.0 Equivalent Full-Time Student Load (1.0 EFTSL). If your study load for the year is more or less than 1.0 EFTSL, your tuition fee will differ.

You can also refer to the course descriptions on UAC's course search.

Annual review and tuition fee increases

Tuition fees are subject to annual review by the University and will increase each year, effective at the start of each calendar year. Indicative tuition fees are published annually on the ‘Find a course’ website. It is your responsibility to check your course on this web page to confirm your indicative tuition fee for the advertised year.

Combined undergraduate degree tuition fees

For international students enrolling in a combined undergraduate degree, a single indicative course tuition fee applies per year of your combined degree study, regardless of the units of study that are undertaken as part of your combined degree. Importantly, the single indicative course tuition fee is subject to annual review and will increase each year of your study in the combined degree.

Double degree tuition fees (undergraduate to postgraduate) – price differentiation

For double degrees, where students complete both undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications, a higher tuition fee rate will apply to the postgraduate degree. You can look up the current indicative tuition fee (Year 1) for the postgraduate degree on the ‘Find a course’ website. Importantly, the postgraduate indicative tuition fee will be subject to a number of annual reviews before you commence your postgraduate studies.

Course fees

Other course fees and costs

In addition to tuition fees, you should budget for additional course costs. Some are significant, such as faculty-specific materials and textbooks, tools, protective clothing, and equipment. Some courses require placements or field trips where the cost needs to be covered by the student.

International undergraduate students are also required to pay a Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) as an initiative to increase student support and services in Australian universities.

Student Services and Amenities Fee

Your stay in Australia

It is a requirement of the Department of Home Affairs that prospective international students can demonstrate that they have sufficient funds while living in Australia. Living costs include items such as:

  • accommodation (including rental bond)
  • electricity and/or gas
  • entertainment
  • food
  • personal and household items
  • telephone and internet bills
  • transport (bus/train/car).

Living expenses in Australia

If you are on a student visa, during your stay in Australia you are limited to working up to 48 hours per fortnight during teaching periods, and unlimited hours outside teaching periods. Certain categories of voluntary, unpaid work are included in this total. Work undertaken as part of your course is not included. You should not rely on working to fund your tuition or living expenses while in Australia as work cannot be guaranteed and spending excessive amounts of time working may adversely affect your studies. It’s important to check your visa conditions so you understand all the restrictions on your work. You can do this on the Department of Home Affairs Visa Entitlement Verification Online system (VEVO).The Department of Home Affairs determines work entitlement for students.

Working while studying in Australia

If you will be younger than 18 years of age when you arrive in Australia, you will need to provide evidence to the Department of Home Affairs that appropriate welfare arrangements are in place. If you will not be accompanied by a parent, legal custodian or suitable relative and would like assistance with services for homestay, guardianship and welfare, include a request with your application for admission.

Information for students under 18 years of age
Information on Australian requirements

Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) is insurance for international students to help them with the costs of medical and hospital care they may require while they are in Australia. OSHC does not cover dental treatment. The University of Sydney's preferred provider is Bupa Success.

The Australian Government requires all international students on a student visa and their dependants to purchase an approved policy from an Australian registered health fund for the duration of their visas. OSHC is not included in tuition fees.

Overseas Student Health Cover

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