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Admission criteria and entry schemes

Notre Dame’s admission process is multifaceted and considers each applicant on an individual basis. While each program has academic entry requirements the University also considers the individual, what they have done, and what they want to do with their lives, by including a personal statement and an interview in our admissions process. The interview gives future students an opportunity to discuss interests and career goals.

Undergraduate applicants

We encourage all applicants considering the University to apply, irrespective of their HSC or IB results, as alternative entry pathways are available for students who have not met the direct minimum entry requirements into bachelor programs.

Admission to many bachelor programs at Notre Dame require an average mark of 70% or above across all Category A HSC courses, including a minimum HSC Band 4 in English, or an International Baccalaureate (IB) score of at least 24. Programs in Law, Education and Nursing require higher average HSC marks and IB scores. Visit the Notre Dame website for specific admissions requirements.

Early Offer Program

Exceptional students completing Year 12 can apply directly to Notre Dame and receive an offer prior to sitting their final exams through the University’s Early Offer Program. This program is for those who excel academically and show a consistent commitment to co-curricular achievement and leadership across a range of activities, including volunteering, sporting commitments, social justice work, part-time work or community involvement

Our Early Offer Program provides access to exclusive resources such as mentoring, industry workshops and networking opportunities as well as the confidence gained by securing a place at University prior to sitting final exams. Applications opened Friday 3 April 2020. Visit the Notre Dame website for more information, or call the University on (02) 8204 4404.

Other admission options

After successfully completing a pathway program, students may be eligible for admission to a bachelor degree program.

For many programs, if you have completed at least six months of a university undergraduate degree, you can use these to apply to study at Notre Dame. For example, programs in Arts & Sciences and Business require a minimum of 2 successfully completed subjects. Programs in Education, Nursing, and Philosophy and Theology require a minimum of four successfully completed subjects.

Successful completion of a recognised enabling program at a level deemed sufficient by the university or the Notre Dame Tertiary Pathway can also be used to apply for some programs.

Applicants who have successfully completed subjects at another university, which are relevant to the selected program of study, may be eligible for advanced standing. Applications for advanced standing are submitted after receiving an offer.

For many of our programs, if you have an AQF Certificate Level IV or higher and can demonstrate English language competency, you are eligible to be considered for admission. This excludes direct entry into Law, Medicine and Education.

For some programs, completion of a higher level VET qualification relating to your field of study may enable you to be eligible for advanced standing. Applications for advanced standing are submitted after receiving an offer.

Applicants with relevant work and life experience who left secondary education more than two years ago and have not undertaken VET or higher education study since then may seek admission on the basis of:

  • Their experience. ‘Experience’ could include a combination of factors sufficient to demonstrate readiness for higher education such as relevant professional experience, community involvement or work experience relevant to the program. Applicants may have undertaken non-award programs that have helped prepare them for tertiary education or are relevant to the proposed higher education field of study. Evidence must be provided as to the type and duration or employment (minimum of two years) in a relevant industry.
  • A completed enabling course.
  • Sitting the STAT and achieving an acceptable score for the program you are interested in. For most programs, the minimum STAT score in the Written English section is 140 (WA) or 150 (NSW) and in the Multiple Choice section is 135 (WA) or 150 (NSW).
  • ATAR or HSC (or equivalent) results if these are between three and five years old.

Notre Dame requires applicants to achieve minimum academic and English language proficiency standards/requirements. This ensures that applicants are sufficiently prepared academically and competent in the English language, allowing them to participate effectively in their chosen program and achieve the expected program outcomes.

Notre Dame English language proficiency requirements

Notre Dame encourages applications from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Pathways to Medicine

Tertiary Pathway Program

Support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students

If you have any queries, contact the Admissions Office on (02) 8204 4430 or by email at

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