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Student and campus services

We offer a range of support services so that you have the best opportunity for success in your studies:

Excelsia is a short walk from Macquarie Park Metro Station and many bus stations.

Free parking is available on campus, which is accessible via Waterloo Road.

Excelsia College’s student centre provides a place of retreat for students between classes. The student centre is fitted with modern furniture and lounge areas, creating a relaxed atmosphere for students to catch up, study or have lunch.

Facilities include vending machines, kitchen (with microwave ovens), free coffee machines, massage chairs, games tables and outdoor seating.

Throughout the year, the student centre is used for various student and alumni events and functions.

Excelsia College’s auditorium provides a professional rehearsal and performance space for our drama and music courses. It houses audiences of 150, with the ability to be converted into a formal event venue.

The lighting system is equipped with hot power and 36 dimmers, with 72 patch points throughout the space. 24 are accessible in the wings for floor package use via 6-channel Wieland, and 48 points are on 4 lighting bars in the rigging above the stage. DMX and Data points can be found throughout the space, allowing flexible setup and routing. The auditorium is equipped with an ETC Ion for control of the college’s extensive library of Traditional dimming fixtures, modern LED fixtures, as well as moving fixtures and effects machines.

The Auditorium’s sound system is controlled with an Allen & Heath Qu32 32 channel digital mixing console and AR2412 digital snake, giving us 24 channels of audio from the stage to the biobox, plus a collection of microphones to suit the needs of any show or event.

The Gordon Moyes Library provides full academic services for students and staff, both on campus and remotely. The library has approximately 17,000 physical items and 180,000 full text electronic books as well as many electronic databases which will assist you to find reliable articles for your research.

The library is staffed 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, but remains open (unstaffed) until 10pm, including on Saturday.

Computer labs are equipped with Windows PCs and latest iMacs with audio, video, and theatrical design software tools.

We have a prayer room available to students who would like to access a private space for prayer.

Facilities and equipment include:

  • Specialist Music library
  • Fully equipped theatre for performances and concert practice
  • Keyboard teaching laboratory
  • Choir Studio equipped with risers and Grand Piano
  • Ten (sound-proof) teaching studios and audio technology laboratories
  • Instructional and administrative computers and software
  • Lecture rooms capable of facilitating online learning
  • Projectors, rehearsal sound systems, and computers for teaching
  • Photocopiers; whiteboards; screens; desks and chairs; and specialised equipment, such as that required for audio technology and multimedia.

Excelsia College has access to a number of professional recording studios and spaces throughout the Greater Sydney Area, with spaces able to be hired to suit every purpose.

Facilities and equipment include:

  • Theatre
  • Acting and Movement Studio with Harlequin extra cushioned dance Tarkett flooring
  • Voice and Acting Studio/Lecture Room
  • Theatre Design Studio
  • Design and Production Technical Equipment
  • Costume and Prop Rooms.

The College offers a suite of Counselling and Social Work specialist rooms. The area boasts dedicated private therapy and counselling rooms, a reception area and offices that are used for tutorial discussion groups, as well as for administrative purposes.

Facilities and equipment include:

  • Sound stage
  • Cinema
  • Movement studio
  • Training rooms
  • Production offices
  • Postproduction mastering suite
  • Editing suites
  • Animation pods.

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