Student living costs

Living costs include items such as:

  • accommodation
  • electricity and/or gas
  • entertainment
  • food
  • personal incidentals
  • telephone and internet bills
  • transport (bus/train).

Other expenses may include textbooks, study aids and vacations.

Government requirements for international students

The Australian Department of Home Affairs requires prospective international students to demonstrate that they have adequate funds to cover their living expenses in Australia.

Your living expenses are separate from your tuition fees and will vary depending on many things (eg where you live, your type of accommodation and lifestyle).

You’ll also need to meet establishment costs such as rental bonds for accommodation, furniture and general household items. Other expenses may include textbooks, study aids, vacations or the running of a car or motorbike.

You'll find useful information on living costs in Australia on the Study Australia website.

Working while studying

International students can work for:

  • up to 48 hours per fortnight during teaching periods (limit may change due to workforce shortages)
  • unlimited hours when your course is not in session.

This total:

  • includes certain categories of voluntary, unpaid work.
  • does not include work undertaken as part of your course.

Don’t rely on working to fund your tuition or living expenses while in Australia; work cannot be guaranteed and spending excessive amounts of time working may adversely affect your studies.

You can submit your work visa application only after you’ve arrived in Australia and started your classes.

The Department of Home Affairs determines work entitlement for students.