Victoria and NSW Year 12 result and subject equivalents

VCE course results and equivalent NSW HSC course results

VCE study scoreNSW HSC BandNSW HSC Band extension course

VCE courses comparable to NSW HSC courses

The following table shows for each VCE course the comparable course in the NSW HSC.

The information in this table is applicable for 2023–2024 admissions only. Use as a guide for 2025 admissions.

VCE subject NSW HSC subject
English subjects
English English Advanced
English (NHT) English Advanced
English Language English Advanced
Literature English Advanced
English as a Second Language English as an Additional Language or Dialect
English as an Additional Language English as an Additional Language or Dialect
Mathematics subjects
Foundation Mathematics Mathematics Standard 1
General Mathematics Mathematics Standard 2
General Mathematics (NHT) Mathematics Standard 2
Mathematical Methods Mathematics Advanced
Mathematical Methods (NHT) Mathematics Advanced
* No equivalent Mathematics Extension 1 (Specialist Mathematics will satisfy Mathematics Extension 1 requirement)
Specialist MathematicsFootnote 1 Mathematics Extension 2
Specialist Mathematics (NHT)Footnote 1 Mathematics Extension 2
All others subjects (excluding languages other than English)
Accounting Financial Services (Examination)
Accounting (NHT) Financial Services (Examination)
Agricultural and Horticultural Studies Agriculture
Algorithmics Information Processes & Technology
Ancient History Ancient History
Art Creative Practice
Visual Arts
Art Making and Exhibition Visual Arts
Australian History Modern History
Automotive Vehicle Body (NAP) B Automotive (Examination)
Biology Biology
Biology NHT Biology
Business (VCE VET) L Business Services (Examination)
Business Management Business Studies
Chemistry Chemistry
Chemistry (NHT) Chemistry
Chinese Language, Culture and Society Society and Culture
Classical Societies and Cultures * No equivalent
Community Services Human Services (Examination)
Creative and Digital Media (VCE VET) I * No equivalent
Dance Dance
Dance (VCE VET) D * No equivalent
Design and Technology Design and Technology
Drama Drama
Economics Economics
Engineering Studies (VCE VET) F Electrotechnology (Examination)
Environmental Science Earth and Environmental Science
Equine Industry (VCE VET) I Primary Industries (Examination)
Extended Investigations * No equivalent
Food Studies Food Technology
Furnishing (VCE VET) F * No equivalent
Furnishing (VCE VET) N * No equivalent
Geography Geography
Health Services Human Services (Examination)
Health and Human Development Personal Development, Health and Physical Education
History: Renaissance Italy Modern History
History: Revolutions Modern History
Hospitality Hospitality (Examination: Kitchen Operations and Cookery)
Hospitality (Kitchen Operations) Hospitality (Examination: Food and Beverage)
Industry and Enterprise Business Studies
Informatics Information Processes and Technology
Information, Digital Media and Technology Information and Digital Technology (Examination)
Integrated Technologies Electrotechnology (Examination)
Laboratory Skills (VCE VET) C * No equivalent
Laboratory Skills (VCE VET) F * No equivalent
Laboratory Skills * No equivalent
Legal Studies Legal Studies
Media * No equivalent
Music (VCE VET ) B Entertainment Industry (Examination)
Music (VCE VET ) C Entertainment Industry (Examination)
Music (VCE VET ) D Entertainment Industry (Examination)
Music Contemporary Performance Music 2
Music Inquiry Music 2
Music Repertoire Performance Music 2
Music Performance (VCE VET) H Entertainment Industry (Examination)
Music Sound Production Entertainment Industry (Examination)
Music Composition Music 2
Outdoor and Environmental Studies Personal Development, Health and Physical Education
Philosophy * No equivalent
Physical Education Personal Development, Health and Physical Education
Physics Physics
Physics (NHT) Physics
Politics: Australian Politics * No equivalent
Politics: Global Politics * No equivalent
Psychology * No equivalent
Religion and Society Studies of Religion II
Sociology Society and Culture
Software Development Software Design & Development
Sport and Recreation (VCE VET) K * No equivalent
Systems Engineering Engineering Studies
Texts and Traditions * No equivalent
Theatre Studies Drama
Visual Communication Design Design and Technology
Languages other than English (LOTE)
Albanian * No equivalent
Arabic Arabic Continuers
Armenian Armenian Continuers
Auslan * No equivalent
Bosnian * No equivalent
Chin Hakha * No equivalent
Chinese as a second language Chinese Continuers
Chinese as a first language Chinese and Literature
Chinese as a first language (NHT) Chinese and Literature
Chinese as a second language AdvancedFootnote 1 HSC Chinese Extension
Classical Greek Classical Greek Continuers
Classical Hebrew Classical Hebrew Continuers
Croatian Croatian Continuers
Dutch Dutch Continuers
Filipino Filipino Continuers
French French Continuers
German German Continuers
Greek Modern Greek Continuers
Hebrew Modern Hebrew Continuers
Hindi Hindi Continuers
Hungarian Hungarian Continuers
Indonesian as a second language Indonesian Continuers
Indonesian as a first language Indonesian and Literature
Italian Italian Continuers
Japanese as a second language Japanese Continuers
Japanese as a first language Japanese and Literature
Khmer Khmer Continuers
Korean as a second language Korean Continuers
Korean as a first language Korean and Literature
Languages: Aboriginal Languages * No equivalent
Latin Latin Continuers
Macedonian Macedonian Continuers
Persian Persian Continuers
Polish Polish Continuers
Portuguese Portuguese Continuers
Punjabi Punjabi Continuers
Romanian * No equivalent
Russian Russian Continuers
Serbian Serbian Continuers
Sinhala * No equivalent
Spanish Spanish Continuers
Swedish Swedish Continuers
Tamil Tamil Continuers
Turkish Turkish Continuers
Ukrainian Ukrainian Continuers
Vietnamese Vietnamese Continuers
Vietnamese as a Second Language Vietnamese Continuers
Vietnamese as a First Language Vietnamese Continuers
Yiddish * No equivalent

* There is no comparable NSW HSC course for this VCE course. Contact the relevant institution for information on that institution’s policy regarding VCE courses that have no comparable NSW HSC course.

1. In the NSW HSC there is a small number of multi-level subject areas (English, mathematics, music and LOTE) which enable advanced students to study extension courses. Students undertaking an extension course must also study the underpinning course. Some institutions, for some courses, award selection rank adjustments for achievement in both courses. In such cases, VCE students undertaking this VCE course will be considered for the same pattern of subject adjustments as NSW HSC students undertaking the comparable course listed in this table and may be eligible to receive more than one adjustment.Go back to first reference of footnote 1.