Applicants who are not awarded an IB Diploma

If you have undertaken the full IB Diploma Programme, or were a Retake candidate, but did not meet requirements for the award of the IB Diploma, you will receive a UAC Rank if you meet the following criteria.

Criteria for receiving a UAC Rank without an IB Diploma

  • You have undertaken the full IB Diploma Programme or were a Retake candidate.
  • You have received a combined score of 20 or more total points.
  • You have undertaken Theory of Knowledge, Extended Essay and at least six HL/SL subjects.
  • You have not received the grade ‘N’ or ‘P’ for any subject or result, including award status and TOK/EE matrix points.

Note: Some institutions will not consider you for admission unless you have been awarded the IB Diploma, or will not use your UAC Rank based on the above criteria as part of its admission process. Check with the admissions officers of participating institutions for further information.

IB Diploma score to UAC Rank: conversion table for applicants not awarded the IB Diploma

Overall score UAC Rank (from 1 Aug 2023)
≥30 81.25
29 78.95
28 76.65
27 74.25
26 71.60
25 69.05
23 63.60
22 60.50
21 57.25
20 54.30
<20 not applicable