Equity Scholarships applications


Equity Scholarships applications and offers

Equity Scholarships help financially disadvantaged students with general costs associated with tertiary study. They are awarded to students from low socio-economic backgrounds, particularly those who receive Centrelink income support payments.

To apply for Equity Scholarships you must be enrolled at a participating institution, or applying for admission:

  • through UAC as an undergraduate or postgraduate – there are only a very limited number of equity scholarships open to international applicants, or
  • directly to an institution, or
  • through the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC) or the Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC).

Steps to completing your Equity Scholarships application

  1. Read the categories of educational disadvantage tables, which define eligibility for each disadvantage and the documentation you must provide to support your application.
  2. Complete all relevant sections of the Equity Scholarships application, including the required applicant, educational impact, or medical impact statements.
  3. Accept the declaration.
  4. Submit your application and download your ‘Confirmation of application’ and ‘Scholarships document package'.   
  5. Provide documents to UAC at least seven days before the undergraduate offer round in which you wish to be considered.

You can only submit one scholarship application during the 2017–18 admissions period. Your application remains 'live' throughout this period and you’ll be considered for all available Equity Scholarships for which you’re eligible.

Adding disadvantages to your completed application
  1. Log in to your current application. Do not start a new application.
  2. Complete the sections covering the additional disadvantages you are claiming.
  3. Download your ‘Confirmation of application’ and ‘Scholarships document package’ again – you may need to supply additional supporting documents.
  4. Additional disadvantages and all associated supporting documentation must be received by UAC at least seven working days before an Equity Scholarships offer round to be considered in that round.
  5. If you have any queries about this process, email equity@uac.edu.au.
Your ES application number and PIN

After you’ve entered your personal details and institution information in your application, you’ll receive notification of your ES application number and four-digit PIN. You'll need these to:

  • continue a partially completed application (You can exit your application at any time and log back in later.)
  • update your information
  • change your PIN
  • view and download your confirmation of application
  • view your Equity Scholarships offers
  • download your supporting documents
  • contact UAC with any queries about your Equity Scholarships application. 

If you've lost or forgotten your ES PIN:

  1. Access the application login page.
  2. Click the ‘Forgotten your PIN?’ link under 'Manage your application'.
  3. Follow the prompts to receive an email containing a link to reset your PIN.

To change your PIN:

  1. Log back in to your Equity Scholarships application.
  2. Select the 'Home' tab.
  3. Select 'Change your PIN' and follow the prompts.

If you need help, contact UAC or email equity@uac.edu.au.

After you apply

Your ‘Confirmation of application’ and ‘Scholarship document packages’ are available after you submit your application.

The ‘Scholarships document package’ will be produced automatically if you have to provide supporting documents. If you are not prompted to download a ‘Scholarships document package’, you don't need to supply supporting documents.

UAC will send you email alert messages when you have correspondence about your application, including if you haven’t provided any, or sufficient, supporting documents. Add the domain uac.edu.au to your list of safe email contacts to prevent correspondence from being directed to your junk mail folder. It is your responsibility to check your emails regularly (including your junk emails) for any messages from UAC.

How to provide documents

Most of the educational disadvantages you can claim for require you to provide supporting documents. If you need to provide supporting documents, an Equity Scholarships document package will be produced automatically when you apply.


To upload your documents in your application, select the ‘Upload documents’ tab.

Download and complete each form, then scan and upload as a PDF. Each PDF must be smaller than 5 MB. If the file size is bigger than 5 MB, you’ll need to reduce it to upload your document. You may be able to do this by lowering the resolution of the PDF file and any images it contains.

To ensure your Equity Scholarships application is assessed correctly, all documents you post or upload must be legible and easy to read, especially visas and stamps with dates. If you post your supporting documents to UAC, we recommend that you don’t post originals

In order for your Equity Scholarships application to be assessed in time for a particular offer round, you should apply and provide your supporting documents as early as possible. Supporting documents must be received at UAC no later than seven working days before a scholarship offer round to ensure assessment is complete for that round.


We don't recommend you send original documents to UAC. However, any documents you do post to UAC can be returned to you for a fee. To have your documents returned, download and complete the document retrieval form.


Institutions offer Equity Scholarships to applicants who demonstrate the greatest level of need within a competitive application process. You can only receive an Equity Scholarship from an institution:

  • from which you’ve received an offer of admissions, or 
  • at which you’re currently enrolled.

Log in to your application to check your offers.


If you’re awarded an Equity Scholarship, you’ll receive an email from UAC. Your scholarship offer is made on the condition that you’re eligible to receive the scholarship on your first census date for the scholarship period. Institutions will confirm your eligibility before any payments are made to you and will provide details of when and how your payments will be made.

If you have any enquiries about your scholarship offer, the associated terms and conditions, or the acceptance process, contact the relevant institution. You must keep the institution informed of any changes to your circumstances that would make you ineligible for your Equity Scholarship.


If you’re unsuccessful, your application may be considered in future offer rounds provided the institution at which you are currently enrolled or from which you have received an offer of admission is participating in that offer round. You can reapply in future admissions periods if you meet the scholarship eligibility criteria. You will need to submit a new application (and new supporting documentation if required). UAC won’t use any of your previous application material for subsequent Equity Scholarships applications. 


If you hold an Equity Scholarship at one institution and you apply for and receive an offer of admission to a different institution, your scholarship can't be transferred.


Equity Scholarships 2017-2018
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Application and offer dates

Jun 2018


Equity Scholarships: Apply and upload PDF documents by midnight / provide hardcopy documents to UAC by 4.30pm for consideration in June Round 3.

June Round 3

Jun 2018


Equity Scholarships: Equity Scholarships outcomes released on this website at 9am.

June Round 2

Jun 2018


Equity Scholarships: Equity Scholarships outcomes released on this website at 9am.

June Round 3

Jul 2018


Equity Scholarships: Apply and upload PDF documents by midnight / provide hardcopy documents to UAC by 4.30pm for consideration in July Round 1.

July Round 1

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