SRS information for schools

SRS ratings closed at midnight on Wednesday 9 October 2019.

How to rate students

A rater is a permanent member of staff nominated by the principal to provide their professional assessment of each SRS applicant’s ability in, or suitability for, 10 areas of study and 5 aptitudes.

Schools can only nominate one rater and submit one set of ratings. If multiple staff are contributing to student ratings, the SRS Rater Template will help you collate their assessments. 

  1. When advised by your principal that a student has applied for SRS, log in to SRS Raters using your User ID and password (provided by your principal).
  2. Navigate to 'Applicant selection' and select the student's name.
  3. Enter specific ratings against each area of study and aptitude. Ratings range from 'inadequate' to 'exceptional'. The SRS Rater Overview and SRS Rating Scale provide details of criteria for each rating.
  4. Save and submit your rating. Once submitted, ratings cannot be edited.

Download the resources on this page for further explanation and instruction.

Participating institutions

This year, the following institutions will be participating in SRS:

Australian Catholic University

University of Canberra

Charles Sturt University

University of Newcastle

International College of Management, Sydney

University of New England

Macquarie University

University of Sydney

National Art School

University of Technology Sydney

SAE Creative Media Institute

Western Sydney University