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Admission criteria and entry schemes

Selection rank adjustments

Application to UNSW is based on your Selection Rank, which is your raw ATAR plus any additional adjustment factors you may be eligible for. Our adjustment factor schemes are designed to recognise the range of backgrounds and circumstances of our students and take these into consideration when assessing your application. They also help us recognise your unique skills and talents. UNSW awards adjustment points across the following categories.

Equity adjustments

The ACCESS Scheme is an Educational Access Scheme (EAS) that aims to assist students who have not undertaken university or other study at diploma level or above and who have experienced long-term educational disadvantage, with their educational performance affected by circumstances beyond their control during Year 11 and/or Year 12 or equivalent.

The scheme is available for entry to all undergraduate courses. Eligibility for the scheme does not guarantee admission but does allow successful applicants with an ATAR or equivalent below the course lowest selection rank to compete for a place.

UNSW EAS applications are processed centrally through UAC.

How to apply for EAS

Elite athletes and performer adjustments

The Elite Athletes, Performers and Leaders (EAPL) Adjustment Factors Program recognises excellence in sport, academic pursuits, music and leadership achievements by awarding up to five adjustment factors to eligible applicants.

UNSW also offers an EAPL Support Program, which offers students flexible study arrangements and support, enabling them to continue their elite sporting commitments while studying at UNSW. EAPL adjustment factors are not available for admission to the 428000 B Medical Studies/Doctor of Medicine, 426000 Double Law, and Co-op scholarship degrees.

Subject adjustments

HSC Plus is designed to reward strong performance in Australian Senior Secondary Certificate (Year 12) subjects relevant to UNSW undergraduate degrees. Domestic students who complete an Australian Senior Secondary Certificate and perform well in subjects that are relevant to their preferred UNSW degree may have their selection rank for that degree increased by five points.

The Academic Achievement Awards are provided to encourage academically gifted Year 12 students from eligible NSW and ACT high schools to undertake undergraduate study at UNSW. As well as a $5,000 (tax exempt) one-off payment, your selection rank will be increased by three points for all UNSW preferences, except 428000 B Medical Studies/Doctor of Medicine and Co-op scholarship degrees.

Criteria that may apply in addition to the ATAR

Some programs have additional selection criteria such as an interview. Additional selection criteria is specified in the course descriptions.

Assumed knowledge

For some degree courses and first-year subjects, it is assumed that through your senior secondary or other equivalent studies you will have achieved a level of knowledge of the subject area that is considered desirable for successful university-level study. Assumed knowledge is specified in the individual course descriptions.

If you do not have the level of assumed knowledge, you are not prevented from enrolling but you may be at a considerable disadvantage. If you have not achieved the recommended level of assumed knowledge, you are strongly advised to undertake a bridging course or other appropriate preparation.

Where a specific degree lists a Year 12 subject as assumed knowledge, the requirements are expressed as the minimum if there is more than one level for that subject.

Trainee officers

Trainee officers for ADFA must complete the Defence Force recruitment process and be selected by one of the three armed services of the Australian Defence Force. Applicants must apply online at adfcareers.gov.au or by telephone on 13 19 01. In addition, applicants must meet the academic requirements to study at UNSW Canberra and apply online through UAC.

Current serving Defence members

UNSW Canberra accepts applications from Defence Force personnel who have been selected through service commissioning schemes. In addition, applicants must meet the academic requirements to study at UNSW Canberra and apply online through UAC.

Non-Defence students

Non-Defence students are subject to a competitive selection process and must apply online through UAC. When assessing your application, UNSW may take any or all of your qualifications or attempts at study into account.

Admission criteria for undergraduate courses at UNSW Canberra are similar to those applicable to other UNSW courses.

There are commonly accepted overseas secondary qualifications that UNSW may take into consideration. Check your qualification.

Contact UNSW to discuss eligibility for admission before submitting an application to UAC.

English language proficiency

If you have qualifications from countries where English is not the standard language of instruction, you must provide evidence of English language proficiency.

UNSW provides two entry schemes and pathways for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians. You can apply even if you have not completed your HSC or if you aren’t sure whether you will achieve the required ATAR for entry into your preferred course of study.

UNSW Indigenous Admission Scheme

IAS is a one-day entry program that involves submission of an application to Nura Gili. As part of the application you will be invited to visit Nura Gili, where you will speak with faculty and Nura Gili staff about your aspirations for university studies and complete a written and/or numeracy task. Consideration is given to an applicant’s relevant life, work, educational and training experience as preparation for study.

For further information, visit the Nura Gili website or call (02) 9385 3805.

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