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Admission criteria and entry schemes

To be eligible for entry to ACU’s undergraduate courses you must meet the general requirements listed in one or more of the following categories:

  • satisfy English language proficiency requirements for the course you are applying to
  • be selected in competition with other eligible applicants.

Also, refer to UAC’s general information about university admission criteria.

Undergraduate applicants

Australian Year 12 students

If you are a 2023 or 2024 Australian Year 12 student, you are usually assessed on the basis of your Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) or equivalent. Year 12 results don't expire once you have left school. Whether this result is considered for an offer to a course will depend on whether you have additional qualifications (including other recognised qualifications completed while at school or post school).

This includes formal qualifications such as higher education study, VET study (such as completed competency-based and graded AQF Certificate IV and diplomas), sub-degree level study, and bridging and preparation courses.

Other post-secondary professional and paraprofessional qualifications (including creative arts, language and civil aviation qualifications, and professional registrations) and defence force service will be also considered.

Selection rank adjustments

If you are eligible for adjustment factors, your selection rank will automatically be increased. There is a maximum of 12 points applied to your selection rank.

To apply for the following access schemes, you must be a 2024 Year 12 student and be eligible for an ATAR. You must also meet any relevant course prerequisites.

An offer to a course under these schemes can only be made if you have completed the application procedures (if required) and included the course as a preference in your UAC application.

Equity adjustments

ACU has an Educational Access Scheme (EAS) to assist applicants whose education has been disadvantaged by circumstances beyond their control for a substantial period of time. ACU EAS applications are processed centrally through UAC.

Learn more about EAS

Elite athlete and performer program adjustments

We support elite athletes and performers in their study and aim to help you achieve your academic and personal potential. The Elite Athlete and Performer Program (EAPP) coordinators offer course and enrolment advice and help students with finding flexible study options. Under this program, adjustment factors are awarded to applicants depending on your level of sporting and/or performance representation.

Applicants requesting consideration under this program should complete the EAPP application form.

Subject adjustments

If you are a 2024 HSC student with outstanding results in a HSC course related to the degree you are applying for, you may be eligible to have your selection rank increased by a maximum of five points. You do not need to apply for these adjustments.

Criteria that may apply in addition to the ATAR

Some courses select applicants based on additional selection criteria, such as a personal statement or questionnaire. Additional selection criteria can be found in the course descriptions available through UAC's course search.

Other admission options

Schools Recommendation Scheme

ACU participates in the Schools Recommendation Scheme (SRS), which allows current Year 12 students to receive early offers of admission. SRS aim to assist access to higher education using a wide range of selection criteria other than (or in addition to) the ATAR. These include school recommendations and senior secondary studies.

There are no fees to apply for SRS, but you will be required to pay a processing fee when you apply for undergraduate admission through UAC.

We may use one or more of these criteria when considering your application:

  • your Year 11 studies
  • your school’s rating of your abilities in areas of study
  • your school’s rating of your aptitudes
  • your Educational Access Schemes (EAS) application (if applicable).

SRS is available for all ACU courses; however, prerequisites and additional selection criteria may apply. We may limit the number of SRS offers made in some courses.

Learn more about SRS

ACU Guarantee

Guarantee your place at ACU, even before your Year 12 exams. The ACU Guarantee program offers eligible Year 12 students a place at ACU based on your Year 11 results.

Offers may be made as early as September. While successful applicants must still complete their Year 12 exams, you can do so secure in the knowledge that your marks from Year 11 meet our entry requirements. You may also enhance your entry score by including a short personal statement that gives ACU an insight into your achievements and aspirations. Applications are made through our website.

Learn more about ACU Guarantee

Limited ATAR

Under certain circumstances you may be admitted based on a limited ATAR.

Learn more about the ATAR
Learn more about ACU admission schemes
Learn more about ACU admission

If you have undertaken tertiary studies you can also be assessed on your tertiary record, provided you have completed at least two units. If you haven’t completed this amount of tertiary study then you will be assessed on your Year 12 results and/or other qualifications.

Learn more about ACU admission

ACU assigns a selection rank for the following:

  • competency-based and graded AQF certificates III (for current Year 12 applicants only). This qualification can be given its own selection rank separate from, and in addition to, an ATAR
  • Certificate IV (if completed)
  • AQF diplomas
  • sub-degree level study (based on level, duration and Grade Point Average).

Competency-based and graded AQF certificates III (for current Year 12 applicants only), Certificate IV (if completed), AQF diplomas and sub-degree level study (based on level, duration, and Grade Point Average) will be assigned a selection rank.

Partnership agreements

ACU has a wide range of partnership agreements with TAFE and other private VET providers that guarantee entry into an ACU degree and/or credit for your previous studies.

Learn more about partnership agreements

Not everyone goes straight to uni after finishing high school. If you’re 21 years or older, your work and life experience can potentially be converted into a selection rank for entry into your chosen degree. Your rank will be based on criteria such as your skill level at work, and how long you have been in the role.

Employment experience

To have your employment experience assessed, you must have been in paid employment for a minimum of 12 months full-time (or equivalent).

Skills for Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT)

ACU will accept your results from STAT, a series of tests designed to assess a range of competencies considered important for success in tertiary study. You must be over 21 years old, but not a current Year 12 student.

Enabling course options

Learn more about enabling course options

There are commonly accepted overseas secondary qualifications that ACU may take into consideration.

Check your qualification

Contact ACU to discuss eligibility for admission before submitting an application to UAC.

English language proficiency

If English is not your first language, you will be required to provide evidence of English language proficiency.

If you are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and apply for entry to an ACU program, you may be eligible for our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Admission Process. Through this process you will meet with a member of our Indigenous Higher Education Unit and a faculty representative. Your potential to undertake study will be based upon any of your formal qualifications, life experiences and achievements. Applications for most courses are made directly through UAC.

Learn more about ACU's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander admission process

Some courses select applicants based on additional selection criteria such as a personal statement, questionnaire, portfolio of work, audition, interview or test. Other courses may use a combination of both academic qualifications and additional selection criteria. Additional selection criteria can be found in the course descriptions available through UAC's course search.

If you are undertaking your Year 12 studies offshore and are applying for a course that has additional selection criteria that you will find difficult to meet, contact ACU International.

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