Addressing talent shortages with targeted campaigns

The problem

The government approached Reach with a need to address the current shortage of public school teachers. It wanted more brand awareness of its new program (ie to let school leavers with an interest in teaching know that a shortage exists and that they will be supported in a teaching career) and increase the number of applicants. Reach is able to engage this specific audience effectively and outperform industry benchmarks.

The solution

The solution became an outreach campaign to attract school leavers to pursue a career in teaching and offered resources to help them become qualified educators.

As part of the campaign strategy to boost brand awareness, with access to our data, Reach focused on attracting applicants who had indicated a preference for specific fields of study, primarily their first or second preference. By segmenting that data, we were able to create engaging content that highlighted the benefits of the programs to capture the attention of the target audience. This content was adapted for various channels, including email marketing and social media.

A key element of the strategy was to deploy email campaigns. These emails were personalised and tailored to each segment of the audience, ensuring that the message resonated with the recipients. Reach closely monitored the performance of the campaigns, tracking open rates, click-through rates, and other key metrics. This data was used to optimise the campaigns in real-time, ensuring maximum impact.

The results

Every marketer wants their campaigns to have a big impact; to splash awareness across the market and deliver the desired results. This campaign exceeded the government’s expectations. Reach’s emails were opened by over 90 per cent of the recipients. That figure shows the value of targeting a very specific audience where a message will resonate and create action. Compare that with the already high client benchmark average of 63 per cent and the education industry standard of 25 per cent.

The targeted approach ensured that the government’s initiative was in the spotlight for applicants who had expressed interest in relevant fields of teaching. This led to increased brand awareness and recognition among the right audience. In addition to high open rates, the campaigns also recorded impressive click-through rates and user engagement. This demonstrated not only the effectiveness of the messaging but also the audience's genuine interest in exploring the client's programs.