Big four bank's STEM skills boost

The problem

A leading big four bank identified an opportunity to make a meaningful impact by offering a STEM scholarship program for Year 12 students. The success of this program depended on effectively reaching and engaging the target audience.

The solution

The Reach team developed a tailored marketing strategy to build awareness and drive scholarship applications. Reach data analysts leveraged their expertise to create custom recipient lists of Year 12 students who were most likely to be interested in the scholarship program based on various demographic and behavioural data points.

The key to the campaign's success was personalisation. Tailored SMS messages were developed to resonate with the individual preferences and interests of each recipient. The SMS messages were strategically scheduled to align with key decision-making moments in the Year 12 journey. This ensured that the bank's scholarship program was top of mind when students were making important decisions about their future.

The results

Reach personalised messaging and targeted recipient lists achieved click-through rates of more than 30 per cent and surges in scholarship applications.

This project shows the power of data-driven marketing strategies, demonstrating how precision targeting and personalised messaging can drive engagement and desired outcomes. It also underscores the importance of timing, ensuring that messages are delivered when they are most likely to influence decision-making.