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If you want your student recruitment messages to cut through the noise and generate quality leads, invest in a direct message or advertising campaign today.

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Data-driven campaigns.

The granular nature of our data allows us to deliver hyper-targeted, bespoke campaigns unmatched in the current marketplace. Whether you want to recruit future students or offer helpful resources, products, insights and discounts to motivate early product adoption and brand loyalty, our team will tailor an advertising package that’s right for you.

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Leverage unique, powerful data.
Identify your target market and send offers direct to their device.

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Communicate your marketing messages to the right audience on the right channel.

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Align your brand with UAC and have your student recruitment messages printed and distributed to 100,000s of Year 10, 11 and 12 students making decisions for their future.

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Display advertising

Get noticed on high traffic webpages by an engaged audience and enjoy the freedom to design ads that work.

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Email marketing

Define your target audience and work with the Reach team to communicate directly with future students or prospective customers via tailored messaging.

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SMS marketing

Deliver your acquisition messages direct to device. With the right message sent at the right time, you can achieve outstanding and immediate engagement.

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Sponsor UAC emails

Create engaging content about your brand or institution that will be shared in UAC’s correspondence and read by up to 80,000 Year 12 students and UAC applicants.

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Apply direct

Unprecedented exposure for institutions who manage their own application and admissions process through the UAC Guide and website.

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quote icon Reach allowed us to get the message out directly to eligible students in a fast and efficient way. Connecting with the right audience drove high engagement rates in an oversaturated market and ultimately converted into applications for us. I was impressed with the UAC Reach team's willingness to work with us to fine-tune the audience profile and make sure it met our needs.

Chris Lewis

Campaign planning

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UAC Lifestyle Report

Discover what's on trend for Year 12 students in this report on brand preferences, spending habits and educational aspirations.

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Student Journey Timeline

Track the student journey to start a conversation with students at a critical time in their decision-making process.

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Reach Media Kit

Explore our extensive product offering and we'll help you pinpoint the audience, data and channel you need for a successful campaign.