Business Solutions

Fast Track

Targeted student applications

Why wait for potential students to come to you? With the UAC Fast Track solution you can now target them.

UAC’s push solution enables you to initiate an application and generate an offer in less than five minutes.

Potential applicants could include:

  • previous students and those about to complete their undergraduate degree at your institution
  • contacts established from links with industry or other education providers
  • previous contacts recorded in your CRM.


  • Institutions can initiate the application process using data from their own environment or sourced from appropriate business partners.
  • Prospective students complete an abbreviated application in as few as 10 clicks and can be eligible for an offer on completion.
  • Detailed assessment processes are bypassed in instances where a prospective student’s educational qualifications have been pre-established. UAC assessment services can be used to confirm conditional offers, if required.

How it works

Potential students are sent a customised email inviting them to apply for admission.

This invitation can include details of specific courses that the potential student is eligible for admission into. If interested, the potential student clicks a link within the invitation to begin the application.

The application is pre-loaded with known personal data in order to simplify the process. All preloaded data can be updated and modified by the applicant. The application can also be pre-loaded with eligible courses, which can be edited and added to by the applicant.

The application confirms the applicant’s desired courses and nominated start dates.

The applicant completes the application, including a tailored declaration, and receives confirmation that their application has been lodged. If an eligible course is included in the application the applicant automatically receives an offer of admission to this course. The offer can be conditional based on the status of the pre-loaded educational qualifications.

What UAC provides

  • An Applicant Management System which stores all relevant applicant data, including personal data, qualifications and course selection, which can be used to manage the full application process.
  • A facility to design and maintain email invitations.

An email generator to create email messages either individually or in bulk.

  • A simple data management tool to load and manage details of potential students.
  • A responsive online application (APPLY) that incorporates known personal data of prospective students and details of their eligible courses.
  • A facility through which applicants can view the status of their application, update their details and view related correspondence.

Importantly, our solutions can be used while maintaining compliance with Commonwealth privacy legislation and Australian Privacy Principles.