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A credit management solution for the higher education sector

Advance is a tertiary education credit management solution built to transform your business bottom line. It shifts the focus and resources from transactional credit processes to strategic planning and management. As a rich data source, it bridges key business intelligence gaps and informs your recruitment, retention and curriculum design decisions.

Across the sector, Advance improves the transparency of available credit and empowers students to make more informed educational choices.

Benefits of Advance for your institution

Our research has shown that it can take institutions up to 60 days to process an application for credit, and the estimated annual cost to the sector is $36.5 million. Advance gives you:

  • automated application of articulations and precedents, reducing the overall time to completion for outcomes and leading to higher conversion and enrolment rates
  • streamlined, user-friendly student applications, resulting in improved service delivery and positive student experiences
  • smart subject-matching recommendations, allowing subject matter experts to funnel their efforts towards high-value tasks
  • customised workflow configuration to support your cross-team collaboration and optimise productivity
  • purposeful business intelligence and reporting to drive your strategic recruitment operations.

If you would like more information on Advance, contact:

David Velik
Business Development Manager

0408 394 477