Advertising with UAC

Why advertise with UAC?

UAC is a not-for-profit organisation that strives to help prospective students access their potential through higher education. All advertising profits are filtered back into the organisation, furthering our ability to provide the admission services for which we're known.

We have over 6.4 million webpage views each year, and thousands of students, their teachers and career advisers use our publications — so advertising with UAC is a highly effective way to communicate directly with your target audience.

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UAC is proud to introduce a unique opportunity for your brand or institution to engage applicants making decisions about their future. With UAC Reach, you can now expose customers or prospective students to relevant products and services via targeted messaging and bespoke advertising.

Reach cuts through the noise to reach your customers or prospective students via:

Display advertising — Get noticed on high-traffic webpages by an engaged audience and enjoy the freedom to design ads that work.

Email campaigns — Define your target audience and work with the Reach team to communicate directly with future students or prospective customers via tailored messaging.

Newsletters — Benefit from access to thousands of UAC's subscribers: high-school and tertiary students, teachers, careers advisers and more.

Sponsored content — Create engaging content about your brand or institution that will be read by the right audience every time.

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Guiding ethical principles

Respect for the customer and higher education sector are integral to UAC’s approach to advertising, as detailed in the following ethical principles:

  1. UAC strives to deliver truthful information to the public.
  2. UAC will exercise the highest personal ethics in the creation and dissemination of commercial information to customers.
  3. UAC will clearly distinguish advertising and sponsored content from news and other editorial content, both online and offline.
  4. UAC will treat customers fairly based on the nature of the audience to whom the ads are directed, and the nature of the product or service advertised. Extra care will be used in advertising to avoid misleading or mistreating children and other vulnerable audiences. We will use our discretion based on the nature of the product or service, particularly concerning drugs, alcohol and gambling.
  5. UAC will never compromise customers’ privacy in marketing communications – the option to participate in providing personal information should be transparent and easily made.
  6. UAC will follow federal, state and local advertising laws, and cooperate with industry self-regulatory programs for the resolution of advertising practices.

Statement of Business Ethics

Our Statement of Business Ethics is a guide for contractors, consultations, suppliers, tenderers and business partners.