Alternative entry

Most institutions offer alternative entry to applicants who do not meet the usual admission requirements.

Tertiary preparation courses

Tertiary preparation courses are usually designed for applicants who haven't completed Year 12 or who aren't attempting Year 12 this year. Minimum age requirements usually apply and the length of these courses differs between institutions.

Most institutions will consider the courses offered by other institutions for admission purposes. You are stongly advised, however, to check which courses each institution considers.

For more information check the institution entries.

TAFE courses

When considering your application, institutions may take into account TAFE qualifications at Certificate III level and above. Some institutions require you to have completed the course before it will be considered. For more information check the institution entries.

Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT)

Some institutions accept STAT as an alternative method of admission.

For further details about the test visit the STAT website. For more information about institutions and courses and their individual policies on STAT, check the institution entries.

Alternative entry schemes and programs

Some institutions have a specific scheme or program for alternative entry. Applicants considered through these schemes don't normally meet the usual minimum admission requirements of the institution, but meet special requirements determined by the institution.

For more information refer to the institution entries.

Professional/paraprofessional qualifications

Institutions may take into account professional or paraprofessional qualifications such as hospital-based nursing certificates or professional body awards that require examination.

For more information check the institution entries.

Employment experience

For information about whether your work experience will be considered as part of your application, read employment experience.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians

Most institutions have an admission scheme specifically for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians.

For more information check the institution entries.