Bachelor of Clinical Sciences (Osteopathic Studies)

Southern Cross University

* Duration for students commencing in July is 3.5 years full-time or 7 years part-time.


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This degree has a strong clinical focus and provides students with a comprehensive grounding in biomedical science and health. Students gain knowledge and skills required to undertake postgraduate studies in osteopathic medicine, which is required for registration as an osteopath.

Areas of study: Human anatomy and physiology, structure and function of the muscular and nervous systems.

Career opportunities: Osteopath after further postgraduate study and practical training.

Professional recognition: Osteopathy Board of Australia. To become a registered osteopath, students need to successfully complete both the Bachelor of Clinical Sciences (Osteopathic Studies) and the Southern Cross University Master of Osteopathic Medicine. Total duration of both courses is four years.

Practical experience: Approximately 320 hours of supervised professional placement.

Fees and charges: Refer to Southern Cross University current fee information.

Pattern of attendance: Duration for students commencing in July is 3.5 years full-time or 7 years part-time.

Essential requirements for admission

Inherent requirements: Check the essential components of this course (knowledge, skills, capabilities) to achieve the course learning outcomes.

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Admission criteria

Applicants with recent secondary education

Recommended studies: Biology plus Chemistry or Mathematics Advanced.

Other applicants

Refer to Southern Cross University general admission criteria.

Student profile

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ATAR profile table

ATAR-based offers only (semester 1, 2019)


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– = data is not available.
<5 = less than 5 ATAR-based offers were made.
N/A = no offers were made on the basis of ATAR.
NC = new course
NP = Not provided by institution
NR = No reportable profile
NN = Unavailable (other)
NO = Entry on other criteria