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Bachelor of Science

Western Sydney University

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Get ready for a journey of discovery when you study Science at Western Sydney. Develop the skills you need to investigate a wide range of scientific disciplines from astronomy to zoology. Help create a sustainable future in all businesses and industries.

Pick which subjects suit your career goals. Open up to a world of unlimited opportunities in biology, chemistry, drug design and pharmaceuticals, ecology, environmental health, food science and technology, forensic science, nutrition, hospital or pathology laboratories, plant science and horticulture, teaching and wildlife management.

At the beginning of the first year, you'll choose a major (see areas of study), but you can change your major later in the course. You may also choose a second major, either from the School of Science or from another School eg Innovative Foods and Human Nutrition, or Animal Science and Zoology, or Biomedical Science and Business. Instead of a second major, the other eight subjects to complete your course are yours to choose- more subjects in Science or from other Schools or a combination of both.

Areas of study

AgriFoods (Agriculture), animal science, applied physics , biology, chemistry , environmental health, innovative foods (food science), forensic science, sustainable environmental futures, zoology.

Career opportunities

Roles in industry, research, forensics, patents, quality control, universities, food product development, nutritionist, environmental analysis, scientific instrumentation, medical laboratories and technical management, secondary teaching or dietetics (both with further study). Students can also pursue high-level research careers in academia and industry.

Careers in teaching and education: Successful completion of Bachelor Science at Western Sydney University may satisfy the entry requirements to Master Teaching if you undertake subjects in a discipline that meet the requirements for your chosen area of teaching.

Admission criteria

Applicants with recent secondary education

Assumed knowledge: At least two of Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics Advanced, Physics. Students who have not undertaken HSC-level mathematics, or have attempted Mathematics Standard 2 or Mathematics Advanced but achieved no higher than Band 2 or 3, may be required to take a study pattern that includes preparatory studies in mathematics in readiness for the higher level mathematics required in this program.

Other applicants

Refer to Western Sydney University general admission criteria.

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– = data is not available.
<5 = less than 5 ATAR-based offers were made.
N/A = no offers were made on the basis of ATAR.
NC = new course
NP = Not provided by institution
NR = No reportable profile
NS = No Semester 1 offers
NN = Unavailable (other)
NO = Entry on other criteria

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Course updates
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Course information
All classes are offered during the day unless otherwise specified.

Bachelor of Applied Data Science
Bachelor of Applied Data Science is a cross-disciplinary degree that can be taken in combination with any Western Sydney University bachelor degree.

The course teaches a blend of skills, including mathematics, statistics and computing. Graduates will know how to embark on data-driven investigations, and conduct visual and computational analytics for application in their own primary research.

Expressions of interest in the course will be taken during the UAC application process, and eligible students who have expressed an interest and received an offer to another Western Sydney University course will be invited to join the Bachelor of Applied Data Science.

Bachelor of Creative Leadership
If you aspire to enter the workforce with a competitive edge and heightened employability, the Bachelor of Creative Leadership is tailored for you!

This degree can be taken concurrently with any Western Sydney University bachelor’s degree and provides you the opportunity to cultivate comprehensive knowledge and skills in leadership and ethics, empowering you to enhance your ability to navigate complexity through advanced logical, entrepreneurial, and systems thinking.

This program is made available to high-achieving students only and requires a minimum GPA of 5 for entry.

Bachelor of Entrepreneurship
Bachelor of Entrepreneurship is a cross-disciplinary degree that can be taken with any Western Sydney University bachelor degree.

The program will develop mindset, risk tolerance, creativity, passion, big thinking, team formation and leadership capabilities – the key distinct characteristics of high impact entrepreneurs. In an entrepreneurial ecosystem, students will learn the knowledge and techniques for opportunity discovery, impact analysis, customer analysis, strategic teambuilding and leadership, the psychology and ethics of the start-up, funding modelling and financial analysis, growth and exit strategies.

Master of Research
This is an elite research degree available to meritorious students in most undergraduate degrees. As an internationally recognised qualification it will allow students to access global employment opportunities and research education. The Master of Research is offered in place of honours in most undergraduate degrees. View Master of Research course details on the Western Sydney University website.

The Academy
The Academy is a transformative co-curricular program designed for aspiring leaders. It aims to develop your professional identity and enhance employability by focusing on essential skills such as critical thinking, creativity, innovation, and ethical leadership. Simultaneously, it encourages personal growth as a global citizen with an understanding of community impact.

The program offers bespoke development opportunities, workshops, networking events, and both national and international travel experiences. To join, you can apply for membership or enrol in the Bachelor of Creative Leadership. For additional information, please visit The Academy's website.