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Undergraduate course

Diploma of Engineering Extended

University of Wollongong

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This course has been cancelled
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The University of Wollongong is following advice from the NSW Department of Health with regards to COVID-19 study arrangements.

The Diploma of Engineering Extended provides students with access to the university experience within a supported context. In the introductory phase of this course, students will complete subjects specifically designed to develop effective approaches to learning in the higher education context, with a focus on developing foundational mathematical skills essential to engineering. The second phase provides a program of study involving students in first‑year core engineering subjects, but with additional levels of support that enhance their opportunity to succeed.

The Diploma of Engineering Extended provides students with entry into the second year of Bachelor of Engineering degree at the University of Wollongong (UOW), with specified credit of up to 48 credit points for subjects in the compulsory core components of these degrees.

Areas of study

Analysis, computing, electrical systems, foundations and essentials for engineering mathematics, sustainability, materials in design, mechanics, physics.

Career opportunities

Architectural engineer, computer architect, computer systems engineer, civil engineer, construction manager, electronics engineer, electrical engineer, environmental engineer, geotechnical engineer, materials engineer, mechanical engineer, metallurgist, network engineer, production engineer, security engineer, software engineer, structural engineer, systems analyst, telecommunications engineer, transport engineer, water quality manager.


Mathematics Standard 2 (Band 5) or Mathematics Advanced (any band).

Admission criteria

Applicants with recent secondary education

Assumed knowledge: Any 2 units of mathematics, any 2 units of English.

Recommended studies: Chemistry, Engineering Studies and Physics.

Guaranteed ATAR: 35.00.

Non-ATAR admission options: Applicants without an ATAR can be admitted into a Diploma of Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities Fast Track if they achieve the following results in their HSC:

  • at least 70% in four HSC subjects, or
  • at least 75% in three HSC subjects.

Applicants with higher education study

For your application to be assessed on your previous higher education study results (eg bachelor degree, diploma) you will need to provide an academic transcript. Your grades will be converted to a selection rank and will then be assessed to determine whether you meet the minimum entry requirements. Students may also be eligible for credit for prior learning.

Applicants with vocational education and training (VET) study

Applicants who have completed an AQF qualification (eg Certificate IV) will be considered for admission to this course. Your qualification will be converted to a selection rank and will then be assessed to determine whether you meet the minimum entry requirements.

Applicants with work and life experience

If you do not have a sufficient ATAR or equivalent or have not previously undertaken or completed a recognised qualification or tertiary studies, UOW College may recognise relevant work and life experience. Applications for entry into a diploma on these grounds are assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Further information

View all details of this course on the UOW website.

ATAR profile

ATAR-based offers only (semester 1, 2020)

2021 data not yet provided by the institution.

Use all ATAR profile data as a guide only; it provides a broad overview of the ATARs and selection ranks of previous Year 12 students admitted into that course. ATARs and selection ranks required for entry in 2022 may be different. If you are unsure about including a course among your preferences, contact the relevant institution.

  1. This ATAR profile table is in line with Commonwealth Government transparency requirements. It is based on offers to recent school leavers (ie completed Year 12 in the last 2 years) who were selected solely or partly on their ATAR. Note that some institutions further differentiate this information on their websites.
  2. The ATAR values exclude any adjustment factors.
  3. The selection ranks include the ATAR and any adjustment factors.


– = data is not available.
<5 = less than 5 ATAR-based offers were made.
N/A = no offers were made on the basis of ATAR.
NC = new course
NP = Not provided by institution
NR = No reportable profile
NS = No Semester 1 offers
NN = Unavailable (other)
NO = Entry on other criteria

Student profile

Course updates
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