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Bachelor of Advanced Science (Honours)/Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)


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Broaden your career opportunities by studying Advanced Science and Engineering together. The Advanced Science degree differs from the Bachelor of Science with the inclusion of advanced-level courses, an Honours year and options tailored to your aptitude and interests. In addition to foundation subjects such as biology, chemistry, physics and maths, you also have access to more than 26 advanced fields of science.

During your studies, you will develop the critical and analytical thinking needed for the successful completion of the research-based Honours year.In the Engineering degree you will have the opportunity to apply yourself to engineering design and enquiry projects, professional engineering practice, engineering and technical management, and research. Choose from a wide range of specialisations, from traditional disciplines such as Civil Engineering or Electrical Engineering, through to those tailored to modern challenges, such as Renewable Energy Engineering.

For further information visit the UNSW Degree Finder or contact us on 1300 UNI NSW (1300 864 679).

ATAR Profile: Some UNSW offers were issued based on the UNSW Gateway Early Conditional Offer Scheme with a lower ATAR entry requirement. Refer to the Admissions Information for a complete ATAR profile by degree.

Areas of study

Refer to 429350 Bachelor of Advanced Science (Hons) and 425000 Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) and relevant engineering degree.

Career opportunities

Refer to 429350 Bachelor of Advanced Science (Hons) and the relevant engineering degree.

Professional recognition

Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) is accredited by Engineers Australia.

Talented Students Program: The Science Talented Students Program introduces high performing students entering Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Advanced Science (Hons) to the Faculty of Science and helps them develop specific skills during their degree. The program offers these students exposure to research within the Faculty and provides a degree that is flexible and tailored to suit students' needs and talents.

Invitation to participate in the program is made by the Dean of Science on the basis of superior secondary education performance (ATAR or equivalent). All incoming students are assessed for eligibility including non-high school leavers. High performing current UNSW Science students, in Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Advanced Science (Hons), will be invited to join at the end of their first year.

Fees and charges

Refer to UNSW current fee information.

Admission criteria

Applicants with recent secondary education

Assumed knowledge: Chemistry, Mathematics Advanced or Mathematics Extension 1 (depending on chosen area of study) plus one or more of Biology, Earth and Environmental Science, Physics.

Recommended studies: Engineering Studies, Information Processes and Technology, Mathematics Extension 2, Software Design and Development.

Other applicants

Refer to UNSW general admission criteria.

Further information

View all details of this course on the UNSW website.

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ATAR profile

ATAR-based offers only (semester 1, 2021)

* The Lowest ATAR to which an offer was made, for this program, is based on a UNSW Gateway Early Conditional Offer.

Use all ATAR profile data as a guide only; it provides a broad overview of the ATARs and selection ranks of previous Year 12 students admitted into that course. ATARs and selection ranks required for entry in 2022 may be different. If you are unsure about including a course among your preferences, contact the relevant institution.

  1. This ATAR profile table is in line with Commonwealth Government transparency requirements. It is based on offers to recent school leavers (ie completed Year 12 in the last 2 years) who were selected solely or partly on their ATAR. Note that some institutions further differentiate this information on their websites.
  2. The ATAR values exclude any adjustment factors.
  3. The selection ranks include the ATAR and any adjustment factors.


– = data is not available.
<5 = less than 5 ATAR-based offers were made.
N/A = no offers were made on the basis of ATAR.
NC = new course
NP = Not provided by institution
NR = No reportable profile
NS = No Semester 1 offers
NN = Unavailable (other)
NO = Entry on other criteria

Student profile

Course updates
Courses are added and cancelled throughout the admissions year and course details are subject to change. Check the UAC course search regularly.

Double degree options
Double degree options are available in a number of UNSW courses.

Honours at UNSW
Studying honours offers a chance to develop your research and professional skills guided by staff who are passionate about research and the development of new researchers. Honours is an integral component of many UNSW courses or may be offered as an additional year of study to meritorious students.