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Flexible Double Degree PhB Advanced Arts Social Sciences Business and Science

Australian National University

CRICOS provider number: 00120C TEQSA provider ID: PRV12002

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ANU’s Flexible Double PhB Advanced Arts Social Sciences Business and Science allows you to combine two bachelor degrees for which you meet the published selection rank.  Combine the Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) - Science or the Bachelor of Science (Advanced) (Honours) with one of over 30 other bachelor degrees to pursue science or diversify your qualifications building a combination to suit both a career path and personal passion.  

Apply: Apply for Flexible Double PhB Advanced Arts Social Sciences Business and Science. Indicate your choice of two degrees from this group. Final selection will be confirmed when you accept your offer.

Accept: Confirm your two degrees when you accept your offer. These may differ from those you selected at application. You must meet the entry requirements and any prerequisites or additional selection criteria for each of your degree choices.

Enrol: Select your subjects when you enrol.

Selection ranks: While there is a general selection rank applicable to entry into Flexible Double PhB Advanced Arts Social Sciences Business and Science, course-specific selection ranks still apply. This means that when you accept your offer, you will only be able to choose from courses for which you meet the selection rank and any prerequisites or additional selection criteria.

By selecting this group as a preference, you can choose any one of the following bachelor degrees. The lowest selection rank and any applicable prerequisites or additional selection criteria for each degree is detailed in its course description, which can be accessed via the UAC course search.

Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) – Science*
Bachelor of Science (Advanced) (Honours)

plus any one of the following bachelor degrees:

133503 Accounting
134403 Actuarial Studies*
135801 Applied Data Analytics
131003 Arts
132005 Asian Studies
138503 Biotechnology (not offered for semester 2)*
133403 Business Administration
133003 Commerce
131150 Criminology
139103 Design*
134003 Economics
138201 Environment and Sustainability
133203 Finance
138600 Genetics (not offered for semester 2)*
132105 International Security Studies
131153 International Relations
136063 Information Technology
131193 Languages (not offered for semester 2)
138200 Mathematical Sciences (not offered for semester 2)
138403 Medical Science (not offered for semester 2)*
139114 Music (not offered for semester 2)*
132333 Pacific Studies
131162 Political Science
131161 Politics, Philosophy and Economics
131159 Public Policy
138003 Science
138123 Science (Psychology)
134200 Statistics*
139104 Visual Arts (not offered for semester 2)*

* Degree includes pre-requisites and/or additional selection criteria in addition to ATAR

Fees and charges

The Australian Government pays part of the tuition fee for this course. The remaining balance is paid by the student. Information about ANU student contributions.

Admission criteria

Minimum selection rank: 80.00. Due to the competitive nature of our admissions process, we cannot guarantee entry to applicants who meet the minimum selection rank for their preferred program.

Also refer to the ANU general admission criteria.

Student profile

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Further information

View all details of this course on the ANU website.

ATAR profile

ATAR-based offers only (semester 1, 2023)

Use all ATAR profile data as a guide only; it provides a broad overview of the ATARs and selection ranks of previous Year 12 students admitted into that course. ATARs and selection ranks required for entry in 2023 may be different. If you are unsure about including a course among your preferences, contact the relevant institution.

  1. This ATAR profile table is in line with Commonwealth Government transparency requirements. It is based on offers to recent school leavers (ie completed Year 12 in the last 2 years) who were selected solely or partly on their ATAR. Note that some institutions further differentiate this information on their websites.
  2. The ATAR values exclude any adjustment factors.
  3. The selection ranks include the ATAR and any adjustment factors.


– = data is not available.
<5 = less than 5 ATAR-based offers were made.
N/A = no offers were made on the basis of ATAR.
NC = new course
NP = Not provided by institution
NR = No reportable profile
NS = No Semester 1 offers
NN = Unavailable (other)
NO = Entry on other criteria

Student profile

Course updates
Courses are added and cancelled throughout the admissions year and course details are subject to change. Check the UAC course search regularly.

Combined options
ANU flexible double degree options allow you to create your own study program.