Postgraduate offers

Before you can be selected for a course, you must first meet the admission requirements for the institution and the course.

Offers are made progressively. To access your offer, click on the 'Check your offers' button and then log in with your UAC application number and UAC PIN.

We'll also send you an alert email instructing you to log in to your application to check your correspondence. When you do this, you'll be able to access your offer information from the relevant institution. Don't forget to check your email regularly for important information about your application.

Multiple offers

You can receive offers from more than one institution. Some institutions use a preference-based system and will make you one offer to the highest course for which your are eligible and competitive enough; others use a multiple offer system and will make you offers to all the courses at their institution for which you are eligible and competitive enough. Read more about the two offer systems in selecting and changing course preferences.

Accepting your offer

Most institutions require you to accept your offer online. When you click on the 'Check your offers' button and log in using your UAC PIN and UAC application number, you'll be given either a link to accept your offer or further information about how to accept it.

Accept your offer by the date specified by the institution, otherwise you may lose your offer. Don’t let your offer lapse.


Each institution has its own procedures for enrolment. When you apply, make sure the name on your application matches your official ID (birth certificate, passport, citizenship documents). You'll need your ID when you enrol and there may be problems if the name on your ID doesn't match your offer letter.


Deferment means that you have received an offer to enrol in a course but have been given permission by the institution to delay the start of the course for a fixed period, usually six months or one year. This means that if you receive an offer to study in 2018 and defer for one year, you'll start your studies in 2019. All deferments are granted subject to the course being offered the following semester or following year.

Check the institution entries for deferment policies.

If you have questions regarding your offer/s contact the institution/s directly. The institutions decide who they'll make offers to. UAC doesn't select applicants, or have the power to persuade institutions to make a particular offer, or question decisions made by institutions.

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