Uploading documents

If you need to upload course-specific supporting documents, such as a personal statement, CV, questionnaire or portfolio of work, your Confirmation of Application package will include a cover sheet titled 'Institution documents to upload'.

If you need to provide qualification transcripts, your Confirmation of Application package will include a cover sheet titled 'UAC documents'. (You can choose to upload, post or deliver these documents.)

These cover sheets will list the documents you need to supply. If you don't receive these pages you do not need to provide any documents.

Before you start

  • Once you’ve uploaded your documents, you can view them, but you can’t edit or delete them.
  • All course-specific documents must include your full name, UAC application number, course code and document type.
  • If you want to replace a document you have uploaded for a course preference, make sure the replacement document is clearly marked with your full name, application number, course code and document type. You can replace your document up to four times. After this, contact the institution directly.
  • If more than one of your course preferences requires the same document, you only have to upload the document once. 
  • You can upload up to five documents for each qualification.
  • Your documents can’t be uploaded by referees or other third parties.


  • Log in to your application.
  • To upload course-specific documents, go to the course preferences section. Any required documents will be listed under 'Additional course requirements'. Select 'upload' to upload your PDF files.
  • To upload documents related to your qualifications, go to the qualifications section and select 'Upload' for each document you are required to upload.
  • Follow the prompts to upload your documents.

Document specifications

  • All documents must be PDF files. If your document isn’t a PDF file, you need to convert it. You can use UAC’s document conversion service – simply attach the document file to an email addressed to conv2pdf@uac.edu.au. For each attached file you’ll receive an email back with a converted PDF file. There are also many document conversion packages available on the web.
  • Each PDF document must be smaller than 5 MB. If your PDF document file size is bigger than 5 MB, you’ll need to reduce it to upload your document. You may be able to do this by lowering the resolution of the PDF file and any images it contains.

Important note for Apple users
If you're using an Apple computer with an OS X version less than 10.8, do not use its built-in PDF software to prepare PDF documents. Documents created or saved using this software and uploaded will be not viewable.

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