B Mathematics/B Science

University of Newcastle

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Course start date
Newcastle – Callaghan 483300 CSP 4F/EqP 85.00 26 Feb 2018
30 Jul 2018
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Refer to 483200 B Mathematics and 484000 B Science.

Assumed knowledge: Mathematics.

Recommended studies: HSC Mathematics Extension 1 plus one or more of Biology, Chemistry, Physics depending on the major you intend to complete. If you have limited knowledge in these subjects you should enrol in a bridging course offered by the University’s English Language and Foundation Studies Centre before you start the program. Read about Bridging courses in the University of Newcastle’s general information.

Additional information: In order to ensure that core disciplinary content for both awards is undertaken, this combined degree program is highly structured.

High-achieving students often choose to combine studies in mathematics with a major in a science discipline. This is valuable both for those whose primary interest is the science discipline, since all sciences ultimately rely on mathematical models, and for those interested in mathematics, because many important ideas and problems in mathematics have been developed for applications in the sciences. This would be an excellent pathway to a research career in mathematics, astrophysics, geophysics and many other exciting but specialised areas.

Not all majors in the B Science are available in a combined degree.

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