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UAC can help you get into uni

30 Aug 2018

Do you live in a drought-affected area? Are you dealing with financial hardship? Has a medical condition affected your studies? You can turn to UAC for help.

Applications for Educational Access Schemes (EAS), Schools Recommendation Schemes (SRS) and Equity Scholarships (ES) through UAC are now open.

There’s no additional charge to apply for EAS, SRS and ES and, for a few minutes of your time, you can give yourself a chance of gaining financial assistance or an early offer to a uni course.

Educational Access Schemes

Educational Access Schemes aim to help students whose education has been negatively affected during Year 11 and/or Year 12 receive an offer to university.

Students can apply for a wide range of disadvantages, including disrupted schooling, financial hardship, home environment and responsibilities, English language difficulties, personal illness/disability, refugee status and school environment.

Last year more than 19,800 students were eligible for EAS through UAC.

Schools Recommendation Schemes

The aim of Schools Recommendation Schemes is to help more Year 12 students gain access to higher education, especially those who might otherwise not be offered a place.

SRS enables schools to recommend current Year 12 students for early uni offers.

Learn more about SRS from a careers adviser who rates an average of 30 SRS applicants each year.

As SRS is an early offer scheme, applications close at midnight on Friday 28 September 2018. Last year over 11,900 students applied for SRS through UAC.

Equity Scholarships

Equity Scholarships assist disadvantaged students with the general costs associated with tertiary study. Some of the disadvantages considered include financial hardship, regional or remote disadvantage, carer responsibilities, sole parent responsibilities and long-term medical condition.

Through one simple online application at students can apply for scholarships at a number of institutions. Scholarships range from one-off book bursaries of $500 to $25,000 per year for tuition and accommodation.

Last year over 9,700 people applied for Equity Scholarships through UAC.

For further information about EAS, SRS and Equity Scholarships, read the booklets which are available for download or call 1300 275 822 (02 9752 0200 from mobiles). 

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