Domestic undergraduate applications at 31 October 2018

16 Jan 2019

The Universities Admissions Centre (UAC) processed domestic undergraduate applications for 27 institutions in 2018, mainly in NSW and the ACT.

At the halfway point of the admissions period for tertiary study in 2019 (31 October) UAC had received 63,170 applications for undergraduate study. The breakdown of applicant numbers for the period after early bird closing 29 September to 31 October 2017, as well as a comparison with the same day last year is shown in the following table.

Applications for 2019 admissions at 31 October*

Applicant typeApplications for 2019 admissions at 31 October 2018Applications for 2018 admissions at 31 October 2017Applications for 2019 admissions at 28 September 2018Difference
NSW Year 1239,98241,87638,9641,018
ACT Year 122,2892,1942,26326
Interstate & IB Year 124,6364,7484,492144
Non-Year 1216,26317,88313,4242,839

* These figures do not include international applications or applicants applying directly to the institution.