New transparency terminology

26 Jul 2018

Three young people sitting at a table with pens, a smartphone, and an open book, are chatting and gesturing to each other

Schools will soon receive copies of the UAC Guide 2018-19, which incorporates new terminology to meet the Government’s transparency requirements.

You’ll see that certain terms have changed, the most notable being:

  • ‘bonus points’ has been replaced by ‘adjustment factors’
  • ‘cut-off’ has been replaced with ‘Lowest ATAR’ or ‘Lowest selection rank’.

It’s important for students to understand that the ‘Lowest ATAR’ may not be what they need to get into a course as it doesn’t include any adjustment factors.

For courses that don’t have Lowest Selection Ranks published, additional Median and Highest ATAR information will be listed on our website. Students should use the Median as an indicator of the ATAR of the majority of Year 12s who got into that course.

Some universities have listed Guaranteed ATARs which will be helpful to students interested in those courses.