Lighten your mental load

09 Jun 2020

Year 12 student Nirel Dimaunahan

If you’re a Year 12 student looking for news, information, guidance and study advice then there’s a new program to help.

A health and wellbeing campaign for HSC students has been launched by NESA in partnership with online mental health organisational ReachOut.

The plan is to lighten your mental load with practical tips and tricks for staying active, connected and in charge of your wellbeing.

You’ll hear from experts, teachers, parents and other students as well as inspiring spokespeople.

ReachOut’s Study Hub has heaps of info about taking a proactive approach to your mental health or where to go if you need more support. ReachOut’s Forums are great for sharing what’s going on for you and get ideas about the best ways to feel happy and well.

Follow and use #StayHealthyHSC for regular health and wellbeing updates and information.

Watch this video of Year 12 student Nirel Dimaunahan who shares her tips for staying organised – you’ve come this far so finish the year off with a bang.